Eczema Treated Naturally

Treating Eczema Naturally

I want to tell you a story of an Eczema case I treated some time ago. I have treated lots of Eczema cases but this was probably the worst I have seen.

Let’s call her Sophie here.

Sophie was a young baby girl, 6 months old, who presented with Eczema all over her body, except her face and nappy area. Her skin was red raw, really bad on her torso and back, and all over her arms and legs. My observation was that Sophie looked like her skin had been scalded.

It originally started at 2 weeks old, within 3 days of getting the BCG vaccination. Her Mum was very very sure about this.

The rash began behind her ears and then spread down her neck. After her 2 month vaccination, it spread “like wild fire”, all over her.

Her skin was very angry red, hot, inflamed, weepy and extremely itchy. Sophie wakes frequently during the night to scratch and gets very agitated and upset. Mum and Dad are wrecked from the lack of sleep. The skin literally “flares up before your eyes”.

Her skin is also very dry and flaky. Mum is moisturising her 4 to 5 times a day, otherwise “she’d flake like really bad dandruff”. She gets very hot and bothered with her skin – both physically, and emotionally. She cannot stay still with the itching.

They tried cortisone cream for 3 days but stopped as they knew it was not curing her, just suppressing it, and her skin looked like it had been bleached which the Mum did not like.

There was other information taken during the consultation such as Mum’s pregnancy, and childbirth, but this is a general synopsis of the case.

Treating Eczema Naturally
Typical Eczema Symptoms

With Sophie’s case, the Mum was very definite that there was an actual cause which triggered the Eczema – BCG Vaccine. On analysing the case, this led me to focus on remedies which are skin specific but also ones that have a sensitivity to vaccinations.

Read down further for Sophie’s results… (the outcome is good …)

Eczema in Babies and Young Children

Eczema is quite a common complaint in babies and young children. Some have it milder than others with small dry patches, while other children have it more widespread with itching and flaking. If the skin is itchy, it can drive the child to scratch until they even bleed sometimes. This can be very upsetting for the parents and family.

Sleep disturbance is a huge knock-on effect from Eczema. Both the child, and their parents, will have disturbed sleep. Itching is often worse at night from the heat of the bed.

Parents try lots of different creams and skin washes, some of which seem to help, while others don’t.

What triggers Eczema?

  • Vaccination – some children are sensitive to vaccinations while others are not.
  • Dairy or other food intolerances. Most clients I see have tried going no-dairy at some stage; some improve, some don’t.
  • Predisposed to Eczema and other allergies, such as hayfever.
  • Genetic family trait.
  • Unexplained Eczema

Treating Eczema Naturally

What do I do?

I take all the information and particular symptoms of the child’s Eczema. This involves gathering detailed, individual information which is specific to that child. How exactly does Eczema manifest in this child? It could be dry, weeping, itchy, red, raised, stinging, itch-less, burning, flakey, scaley, etc.

Where exactly is the Eczema? This could be the bends of the elbows, knees or wrists. Might be the legs and arms. It could be on the face or scalp. Or, like Sophie, all over her body.

The child’s history is important, along with the parents’ medical history.

I then go through the many remedies I have for Eczema and find the most appropriate match for this child. This requires a lot of case analysis and research on my part. I have run Eczema Clinics for many years and have a lot of experience on what remedies work best.

Some of the most well-known Eczema remedies are Calc, Graphites and Sulphur. But there are over 150 more remedies in total. My job is selecting the best remedy, or combination of remedies, to deal with the specifics of the case.

Sophie’s Results from Treatment
After One Month

Within one month, Sophie’s torso and back was clear. Her neck was clear within 2 weeks from starting treatment. Her legs and feet were still red but not as angry looking. Mum says she is sleeping better (much to Mum and Dad’s delight!) and is a lot less restless and more content in herself.

Mum said “the nature of it has changed” – it used to be completely red and oozy, whereas now it was more like red pin pricks on ordinary looking skin. The weeping and ooziness stopped immediately after starting remedy.

Mum said her skin was “coming back to baby soft”.

After Two Months

Massive improvement. Mum said “90% better”. “Skin is brilliant, really soft”. Her feet are now clear and Mum said “you’d never even know that she’d had eczema”.

After Three Months

Skin is now “clear and really soft”. Mum and Dad were thrilled with the result.

This is a really good example of treating Eczema naturally with remedies which are safe, non-toxic and natural.

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Other skin conditions can also be treated.


Feeling Nervous?

Feeling Nervous about some upcoming event?

Anticipatory anxiety about some of the following events can really be helped with great remedies:

  • public speaking
  • lecturing
  • special event
  • big sporting competition
  • exam nerves
  • driving test
  • getting married
  • new job / school
  • any event that is causing you anxiety and stress

It doesn’t matter how experienced, knowledgeable or amazing you are – there are times when the ‘nerves’ just get the better of you. There are some great remedies to help with this and I’m listing them here for you to try.

Feeling nervous?

These remedies should be used for people who are feeling nervous and anxious about their upcoming event.

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks should be treated by a qualified homeopath. You can book in for a FREE 15 min chat with me on Skype to see if I can help.

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These remedies can be used for both adults and children who are feeling nervous.

Aconite 30 – great remedy for fear and anticipation; fear would be the stronger emotion where you feel distressed and anxious by the upcoming event. May have palpitations with the fear and distress.

Arg Nit 30 – one of the most important remedies for anticipatory anxiety. Diarrhoea or loose stools from the ‘nerves’ is a good indicator for this remedy. Can be fretful and restless.

Gelsemium 30 – this remedy differs from Arg Nit in a couple of ways. One of the main differences is that the person wants to urinate with ‘nerves’. The person can go more into ‘freeze’ mode from nerves and the mind can go blank. May be trembling or stuttering with anxiety.

Lycopodium 30 – this is such a great remedy for so many things. Anxiety about an upcoming event usually comes from their lack of self-confidence and low self-belief, even though they are actually very capable. The people needing Lycopodium will be very prepared for the event and, even though they feel they are not good enough to do it, will actually be brilliant once they start.


As always with homeopathy, there are more remedies than listed here for this. But these are the best ones to start with. And if they are not quite hitting the spot for you, contact me and I can advise on some remedies which are less well known.

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Does your child have constipation?

Is your child suffering with constipation and how long is it going on?

If your child or baby’s constipation is a short-term complaint then I’m listing some good remedies below for you to try.

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