Alternative Treatment for Acne

Are you looking for a more natural and alternative treatment for Acne?

Acne and spots typically start in puberty and cause untold distress to teenage boys and girls, however a good alternative treatment for Acne is homeopathic remedies and tissues salts, usually a combination of the two. But Acne can also strike in adulthood too, especially around times of hormonal changes. Continue reading “Alternative Treatment for Acne”

Chronic Pain and Arthritis

Chronic Pain and Arthritis are common conditions that have a ‘crippling’ effect on people’s lives. Homeopathy offers a real and natural approach to chronic pain and arthritis without nasty side-effects or toxicity.

One person suffering with severe Chronic Pain and Arthritis for nearly 10 years had these type of symptoms. Continue reading “Chronic Pain and Arthritis”

Alternative to Nexium

Are you looking for a natural alternative to Nexium?

Lots of people take Nexium but some want a more natural alternative to Nexium without side-effects and toxicity.

Nexium is used to lower stomach acid with people suffering with digestive complaints such as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), gastritis, stomach ulcers, heartburn, etc.

I can help with this. Continue reading “Alternative to Nexium”

Sleepless Baby No More!

Do you have a Sleepless Baby?

  • Do you have a Sleepless Baby or is your baby crying during the night?
  • Is your sleepless baby keeping you awake for no apparent reason?
  • Is there any way of helping?
  • Do we have to wait till baby ‘grows out’ of it?
  • Is there anything ‘Natural’ we can give to help our Sleepless Baby?

These are valid questions for a lot of parents with a Sleepless Baby.

And the answer is that YES THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE! Continue reading “Sleepless Baby No More!”