Bedwetting – A Case Helped with Homeopathy

Bedwetting is more than just waking up in a wet bed. It’s also about waking up feeling disappointed in yourself, waking up with a daily knock to your confidence, waking up thinking this is never going to get better.

Bedwetting can be treated with homeopathy.

A Successful Case

Here’s a case I treated recently. I’m starting with the Mum’s own words on how she got on with homeopathic treatment (case details further down):

I first contacted Anne to see if she could help my son..I must say I had been to G.p first but I wasn’t prepared to put my son on medicines for bedwetting he was having a terrible time with  wetting the bed…he had never been dry at night he was still wearing nappies at night…He was very sad by this as his twin brother wasn’t wearing nappies and he felt terrible about it..I contacted Anne to see if she could help. After speaking to her I instantly knew she could really put my mind at ease…I knew in my heart that she could help…within weeks my son was out of nappies and as he says himself ” being dry makes him feel fantastic ” Thanks so much for helping my son and I look forward to the wonders that Anne can do with the rest of my family. (A, Limerick)

This testimonial came a month after treatment. As of today (28th February 2018) this boy is on Dry Night 63 😻 !! Continue reading “Bedwetting – A Case Helped with Homeopathy”