Alternative Treatment for Acne

Alternative Treatment Acne

Are you looking for a more natural and alternative treatment for Acne?

Acne and spots typically start in puberty and cause untold distress to teenage boys and girls, however a good alternative treatment for Acne is homeopathic remedies and tissues salts, usually a combination of the two. But Acne can also strike in adulthood too, especially around times of hormonal changes.

When I see teenagers with Acne and spots, it is usually accompanied by huge self-consciousness and embarrassment. Some even describe themselves as depressed from it, and can be reluctant to go out with their friends in case anything is said. Mood swings, crying and anger result. It can be so difficult at this time in life anyway, having acne makes it all worse.

Using Homeopathy as an Alternative Treatment for Acne

There are lots of remedies for treating Acne such as Calc-sil and Calc-sulph, Carb-an, Sepia, Silica, Zinc to mention just a few of the 100+ available acne remedies.

Alternative Treatment for Acne
Bring the skin and hormones back to balance

Each homeopathic remedy has a very specific picture based on personality traits, personal characteristics and the physical complaints. Acne falls within physical complaints so finding out EXACTLY the specifics of an individual’s Acne (such as size of spots, sore, stinging, weeping, colour, heads, slow to heal etc) is really important.

Any hormonal imbalances and puberty-specific indications would also be included – such as period problems, weight gain, excessive perspiration, growing pains, sleep, mood swings and emotions. Then matching that with the individual person’s characteristics usually leads to a good choice of remedy.

I usually prescribe additional remedies which are very specific to the skin. These are the ones that “do exactly what it says on the tin” so to speak! They zoom in on the troubled area – face, chest, back etc.

I also prescribe Tissues Salts, individually or as a combination depending on the nature of the Acne.

Alternative Treatment for Acne in Adults

Acne in adults can cause just as much embarrassment and self-consciousness as in teenagers. Teenage Acne can progress into adult Acne leaving a person feel it will never go.

In some cases, Acne actually begins in adulthood.

Adult Acne

I treated one lady for adult Acne which started after she stopped taking the Hormonal Contraceptive Pill. Within weeks, her face was covered. She did have some spots as a teenager, but never to this extent. They were very sore to touch and some felt more like boils. She was extremely self-conscious of it as it was quite red and ‘angry’ looking.

I prescribed the remedy Calc-Sulph which closely matched the particular symptoms. Within one week, they had nearly gone. She was left with some on her jawline. Calc-Sulph was repeated and the Acne cleared. During this time, I also prescribed some tissue salts and a specific remedy to re-balance her hormones after coming off the Pill.

You can read more on Detoxing the Pill on my blog HERE.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine so finding out what triggered Acne in a person is important. In Yvonne’s case, it was coming off the Pill. In teenagers, it is usually hormones.

Alternative Treatment for Acne
Clear Acne Naturally

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