Anxiety in Teenagers – A Case Study

Anxiety in a Teenager

This is a case study showing how homeopathy can be used to treat Anxiety in Teenagers.

Anxiety in Teenagers

A teenager suffering with anxiety and has started to have panic attacks. Describes the panic as finding it hard to breathe, heart racing, and just can’t think straight.

These are typical symptoms of a panic attack.

Had a conversation with partner recently who is thinking of ending the relationship.

This emotional trauma has resulted in a trigger for the panic attacks. Emotional traumas very often trigger illness, emotional and physical. Anxiety in teenagers is easily aggravated by the everyday stresses during this life phase.

Can’t think straight, feels agitated. Doesn’t want to be on own, especially at night. Can’t stop crying every time I think about it. Heartbroken.

Difficulty relaxing at night and hard to get to sleep. Keeps waking up in a ‘sweat’ – total panic – and ends up crying.

Appetite gone and struggles to eat anything.

Anxiety has now been heightened with this emotional trauma.

Suffers with anxiety anyway. Always worrying about school stuff and exams. Really worries what everybody thinks.

Also has period problems. Irregular, painful and very heavy with lots of clots.

Suffers with PMT (premenstrual tension), some months worse than others. Lots of crying and feels really sad. Once period starts, this usually stops.

Gets diarrhoea a couple of times a week. And can vomit very easily. Think it is related to food.

There are often other issues going on with a person. Not just anxiety but also period problems, PMT, digestive issues, and  now panic attacks.

Anxiety in Teenagers
Anxiety in Teenagers can be treated with homeopathy from Anne Collins

The Homeopathic Treatment Plan

A number of issues needed to be addressed here:

  1. Emotional trauma. The fright and deep hurt after the relationship is in jeopardy. Suitable remedy here is Ignatia.
  2. Panic Attacks – as a result of the emotional trauma. Because this is a new and short-term issue, a good remedy is Aconite.
  3. Anxiety – this is really important as it is an ongoing and long-term issue. There is already a predisposition and susceptibility to anxiety and this needs a deep acting remedy. Anxiety in Teenagers can be treated with homeopathy. The main remedy should be focused on the Anxiety but should also match some of the other symptoms – digestive issues, PMT, period problems – because, to get the very best outcome, a remedy which is holistic to the person is crucial. (Holistic = matches the person on all levels – physical, mental, emotional). A good remedy here is Pulsatilla.
  4. Period Pain – the main holistic remedy should relieve a lot of the physical symptoms but it is wise to have remedies if there is an episode of period pain, particularly in the early stages of treatment. A good remedy here is Mag-Phos.
The Law of Cure

Homeopathic treatment follows The Law of Cure, where return of health and healing progresses in an orderly direction.



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