Asthma Treated Naturally

asthma treated naturally

Asthma is such a common complaint in kids, adults too, but especially children. It can start at any age and there is often a family predisposition to this.

Homeopathy provides a really effective approach to Asthma and parents often come to homeopathy as it is safe and non-toxic.

Asthma – the Homeopathic Approach

This is my approach to treating Asthma.

1. Find a Remedy that Matches the Asthma Sufferer

This involves getting a really detailed record of the exact symptoms for that particular person. We are all different and our health, and ill-health, is very individual. So one child can have asthma that is triggered by damp air, while another child may be triggered by pollen or some food item.

So, for example, the remedy Phosphorous is a commonly prescribed remedy for lung disorders – coughs, asthma etc. But this remedy should only be prescribed if it matches the asthma symptoms of that particular person.

2. Give Supporting Remedies to Strengthen & Support the Lungs

This can be either a remedy that has a specific affinity with the lungs, or tissue salts; sometimes a combination of both.

3. Prescribe Remedies to have ready at home in case an Asthma Attack occurs

Homeopathy provides an alternative, or complementary, approach to asthma. Asthma can take some time to resolve, especially if it is a long-term ongoing complaint. With well chosen remedies (as above) the frequency and severity of the asthma will reduce and the child’s overall lung health with progressively improve.

But it is wise to have some remedies at home in case an episode of asthma occurs. For instance, I treated one child who responded brilliantly to the remedy Phosphorous but if the weather was very damp, his asthma would flare up when out at football training. The remedy Dulcamara was a good remedy to help with these episodes.

4. Deal with any Family Inherited Trait to Asthma

This is very important. This family trait is usually dealt with by giving remedies called Miasmatic Nosodes – Tuberculinum is one of these remedies and is often needed in the long-term treatment of Asthma.

These nosodes are very deep-acting remedies and have relationships with other remedies. So the chosen nosode will be dependent on the main remedy prescribed.

I have spoken about a couple of remedies here in the blog, but there are literally hundreds of remedies which could help. So my advice is not to treat asthma yourself unless you are qualified or have a huge amount of experience.

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