Back Pain

Back Pain

Homeopathic Remedies for Back Pain

Back Pain is such a common complaint and can be really helped with remedies. I’m listing below some of the top remedies you could try.

Back Pain can be acute (due to injury or strain) or chronic (ongoing). There is often an emotional connection with chronic back pain – stress, anxiety, depression, grief, worry, heartache, feeling that you have the ‘weight of the world’ on you.

Then there are physical connections – arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, spinal/disc issues, sciatica, long-term injury.

These remedies will help in the acute phase and can provide relief in the chronic stage. If this is an ongoing problem, you should book in for my FREE 15 min Online assessment (via Skype or Messenger) to see if I can help. You can book this, or a full consultation, here

Remedies for Back Pain


Radiating pain in lower back. Big remedy for Sacroiliac joint. Back feels weak.


Overall pain remedy. Bruised and aching. Can’t get comfortable. Muscular pain.


Stiffness and stitching pain. Neck area. Worse from any type of movement. Irritable.

Calc Fluor

Stiff, tired and aching. Arthritic pain. Lumbago. Better for heat and continued movement.


Stiffness and contraction of muscles. Severe neck pain and spasm. Cramping shooting pains around lower back, radiates to hips and thighs.

Eupatorium (Eup-per)

Excruciating aching pain. Back feels ‘broken’. Pain that goes into the bones.


Big remedy for nerve pain/injury. Great for injury to coccyx and spine. Sciatica or feeling of pinched nerves. Sharp, shooting pains.


Huge remedy for back pain. Typically the lower back. Back feels weak and stiff. Back aches as if broken. Cannot settle in bed at night.

Nux Vomica

Spasms. Pains sharp and sudden when turning. Better for warmth. Worse in bed at night. Irritable.

Rhus Tox

Big remedy for muscular injury/pain. Stiffness when first starting to move, then loosens out. Very restless – mentally and physically. Better for heat, particularly hot bath.


Similar to Rhus Tox. Stiffness. Back pain better for lying down.