Belladonna – The Homeopathic Remedy ♥

Belladonna is a must-have remedy in the Home.

The essence of Belladonna is –

HOT, DRY, RED, THROBBING, SUDDEN – these are the main things that will point to Belladonna.


Belladonna is a great remedy for FEVER (and don’t forget it is not the only fever remedy). The Fever is usually high, can even be delirious. Child may think they are seeing things that you can’t see. Fever that came on quickly (sudden). For more remedies on Fever, see HERE.

Ear Infections

EAR INFECTIONS especially with fever (if no fever, look at Pulsatilla). Red & hot, with throbbing pains. Very sensitive & painful. For more remedies on Ear Infections, see HERE.

Tonsillitis & Sore Throats

TONSILLITIS & SORE THROATS. Typically with fever. Throat/Tonsils are red and feel hot, dry & raw. Tonsils red & inflamed. Usually no pus spots (if pus spots, look at Merc). For more remedies on Tonsillitis or Sore Throats see HERE.

Headache & Migraines

HEADACHE – Belladonna is a hot headache. Throbbing headache. Face may be red. Angry with headache. For more remedies on Headaches & Migraines, see HERE.


NIGHTMARES – wakes terrified and screaming. May be feverish, hot and flushed. For more remedies on Nightmares, see HERE.


MASTITIS – red, hot throbbing breasts.


The eyes can be a real give-away for Belladonna. Eyes are usually dilated, and shiny – particularly when fever is high. Face may be red too.

Administering Belladonna

For Potency – 30c will suffice, 200c often has a quicker reaction. If no 200c, you will more than likely have to repeat the 30c more often. This is ok to do, just be aware of that.

For very high fever, give remedy every couple of minutes until fever subsides.

For Ear Infections or Tonsillitis, give every 30 mins until a positive change is seen, then give less often.

Hope this helps xxx

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