Childbirth Pack


Hello and congratulations on your soon-to-be new arrival. You may have seen posts online about using homeopathic remedies during your labour / childbirth. And are wondering are they any use? Well yes they really are. I have used a remedy Childbirth Pack myself during my labours and found them fab. No epidural and all natural deliveries. But I’ve also coached women in using remedy packs who are booked in for a c-section too. Because the remedies cover so much on how we, as women, feel and act during labour. Continue reading “Childbirth Pack”

Depression and Anxiety in Children


Depression and anxiety in children can be an earth-shattering experience for any parent. Wishing we could help and not being able to is our worst nightmare. Children go through lots of phases as they grow into themselves and sometimes periods of depression and anxiety can be short-term but sometimes they can be ongoing. Continue reading “Depression and Anxiety in Children”

Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

Treating Postnatal Depression and Anxiety with Homeopathy

I guess we all have a very idyllic idea of what it is like having a baby, particularly our first baby. We never think we might suffer with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, unless you already suffer with depression and anxiety then you will probably have spent your pregnancy worrying about it. Everything will be calm, tranquil and wonderful. Mum will feel fab, lose all her baby weight within two weeks and have a sparkling clean house. Baby will sleep all night, feed great and never cry or get sick. I don’t think so ….!!! Continue reading “Postnatal Depression and Anxiety”