Homeopathy for When Kids Get Sick!

Using Homeopathy When Your Kids Get Sick

Something I want to share with you about when my own kids get sick or seem to be coming down with a bug/virus. I don’t rush to give a homeopathy remedy!

I ALWAYS see if their own immunity can deal with what is going on before ever giving a remedy. So this usually means rest and time-out to let the body do its thing, and lots of TLC. Then, if I feel like their own immunity is not coping, or needs some help, I go in with remedies. Continue reading “Homeopathy for When Kids Get Sick!”

Postnatal Exhaustion & Lack of Motivation

Do you have postnatal exhaustion, tiredness, depression, lack of motivation, or just not feeling yourself?

Postnatal exhaustion and tiredness?


Lack of motivation?

Struggling to lose weight?

Or just not feeling yourself?

These are all really common complaints to have. If you have them, rest assured you are not alone.

If you are struggling to get back to yourself after having a baby, or even if your children are older but you’re still feeling the same way, then your hormones could be out of sync. Continue reading “Postnatal Exhaustion & Lack of Motivation”

Menopause without HRT

Menopause – an Alternative to HRT

There are some great homeopathic remedies for treating symptoms of the menopause – such as Lachesis, Cimicfuga, Sepia, Crot-c, Manganum, Sabina and more. But this is only needed if you have symptoms that are having an impact on your life.

If your menopausal symptoms are having a negative impact on your life, then homeopathy can help ♥ Continue reading “Menopause without HRT”

Depression after Redundancy – How Homeopathy Helped

This is the story of how ‘Marianne’ suffered a bout of Depression after Redundancy from her very successful and busy job.

“I was suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety. I went to see Anne at the suggestion from a relative of mine. I absolutely have no regrets. I found that Anne took such a detailed history that I had great confidence that she was really working her hardest to help me. She listened intently to what I had to say. I never felt rushed and she was always accessible to me during my treatment which was invaluable. I found a immediate feeling of recovery as the remedies were catered to my needs. Thanks to Anne I learned a lot about myself during that time. I have converted to a holistic approach to my health and well being after my visit to Anne.”

Continue reading “Depression after Redundancy – How Homeopathy Helped”