Depression after Redundancy – How Homeopathy Helped

This is the story of how ‘Marianne’ suffered a bout of Depression after Redundancy from her very successful and busy job.

“I was suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety. I went to see Anne at the suggestion from a relative of mine. I absolutely have no regrets. I found that Anne took such a detailed history that I had great confidence that she was really working her hardest to help me. She listened intently to what I had to say. I never felt rushed and she was always accessible to me during my treatment which was invaluable. I found a immediate feeling of recovery as the remedies were catered to my needs. Thanks to Anne I learned a lot about myself during that time. I have converted to a holistic approach to my health and well being after my visit to Anne.”

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No Sex Drive!

Can homeopathy help with ‘No Sex Drive’!

Ok, I’m probably talking more to women here, because I am a woman and I know what it is like to have ‘woman’ hormones.

And, as per usual, it always comes back to our hormones!! Particularly our sex drive and libido.

If you can get your hormones back in balance, then your Sex Drive will reappear. Halleluja ♥ Continue reading “No Sex Drive!”

Homeopathy for Hayfever

Where to start with using Homeopathy for Hayfever?? !!

I’m going to suggest some remedies here in this blog for using acutely, to help your Hayfever in the moment, when you have it. Homeopathy for hayfever is often a first step for people into treating themselves and their family with homeopathy.

But, I’d like to point out that getting a full homeopathic consultation with me would deal with the deeper disposition to Hayfever and hayfever-type symptoms. Same applies for chronic allergies. This will have a better long-term outcome. Continue reading “Homeopathy for Hayfever”