Chamomilla – The Homeopathic Remedy ♥

Chamomilla is made from Chamomile and is one of the best remedies for pain, especially Teething Pain in babies and children.

There are a lot of ready-prepared remedies for teething on the market, such as Teetha here in Ireland and UK. And they are fab. Really easy to use and administer. And supplied in most pharmacies and health food shops.

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These ready-prepared remedies are generally made of the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla in the potency (ie. strength) of 6c. This is a good potency for physical complaints, ie. teething. And will work great if the teeth are starting to move in the gums. Some kids can even stay on this potency while the teeth erupt.

But …. in my experience, a higher potency (ie. stronger) is needed when the teeth are just about to erupt – worst pain EVER !!!

Here, a 30c or preferably 200c is needed. There are other remedies too for teething such as Arnica, Mag-phos, Silica, but this one is a good place to start. It is so so good for pain relief (Cham = calms).

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What else can Chamomilla be used for?

* Anything where the pain feels unbearable

* It is a must-have remedy for labour/childbirth

* Toothache in general

* Colicky pains

* Earache

* Period Pain

* Headache

* Emotional outbursts in children – great for calming (adults too!)

Chamomilla is good for all these types of pain. Usually, another remedy is needed to deal with the cause of the pain (eg. earache) but Chamomilla can help with pain while you’re trying to work out best remedy to give.

The ESSENCE of Chamomilla

Basically, the essence is that you cannot cope with unbearable pain.

So, if a child is teething, or somebody is experiencing pain from one of the above complaints, they will be:

  • OVER-SENSITIVE to everything
  • Physical indicators are usually loose stools (greenish in colour).

[You’ll often hear of the keynote One Cheek Red, the other pale – I’ve never seen this so don’t get too swayed by this].

Love Love Love this remedy xxx

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