Chickenpox – Homeopathic Remedies to Help


Chickenpox is one of the common childhood illnesses that comes into most families. There are some great remedies to ease the process. I’m listing these out here.

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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Chickenpox

Ant Crud

Itchy, especially in warmth of bed. Warmth in general aggravates the child and the skin. Eruptions are burning, itching and might be oozing or crusted over. Child will be very irritable, even when looked at. Does not want to be touched.


Chickenpox with emotional symptoms – crying, whinging, doesn’t want to be alone, looks for reassurance. Symptoms can change and the child will want fresh air and feels better for it.

Rhus Tox

Most commonly used homeopathic remedy for chickenpox. Eases the itch and speeds up the healing process. Chickenpox are extremely itchy, prickly and stinging. Itching can be better for warm water. Child will be restless and might be weepy. First remedy to try.


Eruptions will be very red and very itchy. Chickenpox slow to heal and can fester. Itching much worse for heat, particularly heat of bed. Skin burns when scratched. Indifferent to how they look and doesn’t care if unwashed.

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Photo by Kelley Bozarth on Unsplash