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Hello and congratulations on your soon-to-be new arrival. You may have seen posts online about using homeopathic remedies during your labour / childbirth. And are wondering are they any use? Well yes they really are. I have used a remedy Childbirth Pack myself during my labours and found them fab. No epidural and all natural deliveries. But I’ve also coached women in using remedy packs who are booked in for a c-section too. Because the remedies cover so much on how we, as women, feel and act during labour.

Mel in Naas says

“Cannot recommend this enough!!! Took on my second baby and helped move my labour along when it was taking forever!! Epidural didn’t work, it helped with that too and I bounced back from the whole experience!!! Best thing I ever did!”

Easy to Use Childbirth Remedies
Easy to Use Childbirth Pack

I’d like to give you some other examples from the women I’ve coached to use the Childbirth Pack…

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One woman went through 10 hours of labour using remedies for pain and anxiety. Then baby decided to turn sideways! A frantic phonecall to me on a Saturday night for help. One remedy in her pack helped with this (along with some other stuff) and baby righted himself and was born naturally about 15 mins later. That was a few years ago and every time I see him I’m reminded of how amazing he is. I asked her to sum up her experience for me and this is what she said …

“This brilliant lady turned my baby during labour cannot recommend enough!! Get this pack and this lady!!”

Another phone-call, this time in the middle of the night! I don’t usually sleep with my phone in my room but somehow I heard it ringing from the hall. This lady had gone to 3cm nice and easy; then the contractions had more or less stopped. She was very focused on having a natural delivery and was really upset that this might not happen. I was able to recommend one particular remedy from her Childbirth Pack and told her how often to take it. Baby was born 3 hours later, naturally.

Another lady was booked in for a c-section and was feeling really anxious. Some great remedies for anxiousness were included in her pack so she was able to take some in the days leading up to the section and in the hospital that morning. She was also able to use the ever popular After-Birth healing remedies for accelerating the healing process after the birth.

The Childbirth Pack is individually tailored to every client’s needs and typically includes remedies for pre-labour, labour, after-birth and breast-feeding issues.

Some babies get way too comfy inside Mummy’s tummy and go past their due date. Remedies can be included for overdue Mums too.

I have coached many pregnant women on using remedies during labour over the years and really know what remedies work best. But the pack should be individually tailored for each client. It is best to have a chat with me (either online or by phone) to discuss your own requirements.

The Childbirth Pack usually contains about 12 remedies which can be used during labour / childbirth along with the ever popular After-Birth Healing remedies. The Pack comes with a very easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

The cost of the Childbirth Pack can be found HERE.

If you would like more information or want to book the Childbirth Pack please contact me here.

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