Chronic Pain and Arthritis

Chronic Pain and Arthritis

Chronic Pain and Arthritis are common conditions that have a ‘crippling’ effect on people’s lives. Homeopathy offers a real and natural approach to chronic pain and arthritis without nasty side-effects or toxicity.

One person suffering with severe Chronic Pain and Arthritis for nearly 10 years had these type of symptoms.

  • Really bad in hands and fingers which are now locked
  • Huge amount of chronic pain and swelling in fingers, described as “ferocious”
  • Shooting pain in shoulders
  • Ankles and feet so bad that bending foot is nearly impossible
  • Also in hips and back
  • The knock-on effect is that sleep is disturbed
  • It is getting progressively worse
  • No ability to enjoy any interests, hobbies, activities
  • No ability to relax and find some peace from pain

The remedy Kali-Carb daily for 6 weeks is a good prescription. Kali-Carb is a great remedy for arthritis and also matches other symptoms on a characteristic and emotional level.

Some Outcomes:
  • Pain reduced
  • Swelling reduced
  • Can close hands
  • Can go for a short walk

It always comes back to finding a remedy or remedies that most closely match a person and their symptoms. The more specific you are in describing your pain and triggers make it easy to prescribe a good remedy, such as Kali-Carb.

Can homeopathy help with your Chronic Pain and Arthritis?

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