“Constitutional Remedy” – Blah! Treat what needs Treating NOW!

Constitutional Remedy

What is Constitutional Remedy Prescribing?

It is like putting a complete jigsaw together.

Constitutional Remedy prescribing is something you’ll hear talked about in some circles of homeopathy. You’ll also hear “classical homeopathy” where only one remedy is given once and then wait and see what happens. And wait…… and wait …… and wait.

Sometimes this does work (oh if only people were so easy and straightforward as this ….. but most of the time, we are not – oh no, we are complicated and complex and real). And, when it works, it can be remarkable. If I think Constitutional Remedy prescribing is warranted in a case, then Yes I will always use it.

Constitutional Remedy prescribing takes everything into account – what are the main symptoms, what other symptoms do they have, what happened in early childhood, finding out their characteristics and personality traits, how is their relationship, their career, their life, sleep, digestion, recurring complaints, childhood illnesses ……. lots of detailed information required.

In some cases, there are very clear and defined symptoms and the person’s characteristics and traits will back up a good choice of Constitutional Remedy. So it is like completing the jigsaw in one sitting.

In other cases, it is not so straightforward. That jigsaw is just too complicated to complete in one go – a sequence is needed to complete it.

People’s lives are complicated and we all have baggage, bad things happen to us all. Ill health can then progress into further ill health. So you end up with layers of treatment needed. Constitutional Remedy prescribing can be too limited if there are multi-layers to a case.

Sometimes there is a definite ‘trigger’ to a case – for example, the death of a loved one. Then the person’s constitutional remedy is not required – a remedy which has a strong Grief affinity is needed. Another ‘trigger’ might be a bee sting – constitutional remedy prescribing definitely not needed here, a remedy with insect sting/bite is needed.

And, then there are medications, vaccines, cigarettes, alcohol, bad diets – all complicate a case. Homeopathic Detox Therapy is so useful in all of these.

The limitations of this is that people are complex and have a full history of ‘baggage’ which complicates our health and wellbeing. So can we put the whole jigsaw together all at once – maybe, but sometimes it is easier to build sections of it first and then it easily comes together after a while.

The Limitations of Constitutional Remedy Prescribing

When Constitutional Remedy prescribing doesn’t work, both practitioner and client end up frustrated and lost.

So where does the client go next? Well hopefully to somebody like me! Somebody who isn’t afraid to take a modern approach to illness and treat the person with EXACTLY what they need.

Yes, you heard me. I’m saying it LOUD and I’m saying it PROUD.

“Constitutional Remedy prescribing is not the be all and end all of Homeopathy!”

Treat what NEEDS to be Treated!

This is like deciding to put a particular part of a jigsaw together first. So if you were doing a landscape jigsaw, you might only put the pieces of a tree together first. This is a great first step in getting the whole jigsaw completed.

Once that tree is completed, it looks fabulous, and now you can look at putting together the peak of a mountain in the background.

This is how I work when I know Constitutional Remedy prescribing is too limited –

This is outright the best way to treat a person. Take each layer at a time. Treat a person in the Here-and-Now, at this exact point in time.

What needs change and improvement to make this person’s life better?

How can I really help this person?

The focus is all on that person and what that person needs, rather than purely focused on the idealogies of homeopathy.

With this approach, a person’s health and wellbeing (ie. their life!) begins to improve.

And then we build on this. Tackling each layer as and when needed.

The timeframe on this varies from person to person. It always comes back to INDIVIDUALITY in homeopathy. We must work with that individual person in an individual way.

I have my own protocols and framework for treating people, ones I’ve used time and time again, but I’m very flexible to ‘tweak’ this when needed.

Example of when a Constitutional Remedy is not needed

Say …. you have a bony growth on the knuckle of your little finger; but everything else is healthy – you are blissfully happy and living the life you always wanted.

Do you need a Constitutional Remedy prescribed?

Eh ….. NO!!

You need a remedy (or remedies) prescribed to deal with that bony growth on the knuckle of your little finger. End of!!!  (we’re probably thinking Calc-flour or Hecla here).

That’s it. Help needed = Help given.

I know what I know about Homeopathy. It works for me. It works for my clients. I get results.

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