Consultation Types

Description of Consultation Types
15 min FREE Skype ChatChance to discuss your, or your child’s case, and question how I can help you. Also available for existing clients to update on progress
Complex CasesAutism, ADHD, PANDAS & PANS, Lyme, Vaccine Damage, Other Serious & Complex Health Complaints
Urgent / Acute ApptsShort-notice consultation to deal with acute illness – colds, flu, coughs, tonsillitis, tummy bugs, injury, pain etc.
Full ApptFull comprehensive consultation to develop the best individual treatment plan for you or your child
Follow-On ApptFollow-on consultation to update and progress your treatment plan to the next stage
Pregnancy ConsultationConsultation for dealing with pregnancy related complaints – morning sickness, hyperemesis, restless legs, sleep issues, skin complaints, etc.
Childbirth PackChildbirth Pack containing 12 remedies and an easy-to-follow instruction booklet