The Converted “Cynic”

Meet Jemima …… Jemima is a cynic!

This is the story of how ‘Jemima’ became the converted cynic (not her real name which I am keeping secret as she is a very successful and prominent business woman in my locality).

I totally ‘get’ why people are cynical or mistrustful of what I do. I think we are all deep-down cynics, in one way or another. We have to build up trust and get to know a person and what they do before we feel comfortable. Just on writing this post, I have to be honest with myself and say that I’m as cynical as the next person; but not about homeopathy obviously!

I know there are lots of people that are drawn to a more natural, alternative approach to life and like to work with Mother Nature and a holistic approach to their ailments. And these people never question nor doubt homeopathy, or other alternative therapies. They inherently know they work.

And then there are people like ‘Jemima’! Oh, they question alright! And doubt, and wonder, and find it hard to believe. ‘Jemima’ is not the only cynic in my practice, I seem to attract loads of them. But what is common about us all is that we want to use the best, safest, and most effective treatment for ourselves and our families – whether that is conventional treatment, alternative treatment or complementary treatment. And this is why people end up contacting me – to see if the more natural approach is effective; and very often because they have nowhere else to turn (for more chronic complaints).

Here’s what ‘Jemima’ says:

“Now I must say for you cynics out there like probably myself, I am a firm believer in traditional medicine. Myself and my family would not be sick people and would rarely visit a doctor but if sick that’s where I go. I would not have thought about using homeopathic remedies, until I met Anne. My daughter was very susceptible to ear infections and I really disliked having to give antibiotics all the time as they would effect her quite badly afterwards. I had met Anne through my daughter’s school and got chatting as you do at the school gates. Anne told me what she did and I found the idea interesting and thought no harm let’s give it a go. Anne had a consultation with my daughter and myself and asked very many questions which at first I found strange, why are you are asking about personality, habits etc .. But it’s all to discover how that patient works and Anne has a wonderful way at making you at ease and drawing out the answers she requires without really realising she is doing it, even getting information from quite a shy young girI. I found it quite fascinating. Needless to say after taking the prescribed remedy we now are free of ear infections.

From that meeting onwards, I started looking at myself and how Anne could maybe help me. A busy mother, business owner, hormonal and generally a bit of a stress head !! My turn to talk to Anne which, for someone like me to talk about myself and my feelings, I find difficult; again, it was nothing to worry about. Anne got my personality and everything she needed from my consultation which was not painful at all and done with professionalism and ease. I have been taking a remedy now for coming up to a year and it has 100% definitely contributed to me leading a less stressful life. In my house now if one of my family has a Health issue she is the lady I go to. We have had remedies for ear infections, stress, hormones, cold sores, chest and cough issues. I would highly recommend Anne without hesitation. Thank you Anne”

Treating Children’s Health

The proof is in the pudding I guess. When I first spoke to ‘Jemima’ and suggested a different approach to health; I knew from the way she was looking at me that she was skeptical. Her daughter’s recurring ear infections was the first thing we treated – and had a really positive response. From her own words, ear infections are commonly treated with antibiotics but what I do is about treating the susceptibility to ear infections – reducing the frequency and severity. Her daughter’s ear infections stopped after my treatment and haven’t returned since. That’s a pretty good outcome.

I have treated her other children since then, for coughs, cold sores and whatever virus is doing the rounds at a particular time.

Treating Hormones and Stress

Treating ‘Jemima’ herself took a deeper approach. Again, using her own words, she needed help with “hormones” and “stress”. Meeting and taking all the information usually takes an hour; and is then followed by me working on the case on my own in my office. This work is primarily case analysis resulting in the best remedies and treatment plan for ‘Jemima’. This work can take a couple of hours at times, especially if a case is layered and/or complex.

‘Jemima’ has been using specific remedies for about a year which have really helped with her hormones (emotionally and physically with her periods) and her stress levels. Whilst we cannot change her busy life, nor do we want to, how she deals with it can be balanced out with homeopathy. Resulting in a calmer, more content ‘Jemima’.

An interesting comment that ‘Jemima’ said during the first consultation was that her hormones had been perfect during her pregnancies. No ups or downs. Why was this? Probably due to the increase and change of hormones during her pregnancy. The remedies prescribed in this case were very hormone focused. She responded very quickly and very positively and the improvement has continued as we have progressed.

If, like ‘Jemima’, you are a cynic, or are wondering if I can help at all, why not try the FREE 15 min Skype chat to see if I could actually help. I’m quite sure I can. To book this chat, or to book a full consultation, please book through my online calendar …

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