Cough Remedies

Natural cough remedies

Here’s a list of the main cough remedies which you can use at home.

If you suspect the cough is Croup, see best remedies HERE.

Treating Coughs – At Home Cough Remedies

  1. Aconite

Comes on suddenly. Often around midnight. Dry, hard, barking cough. Constant. Irritating. May have high temperature. Can be caused from being outside on a cold, windy day.


  1. Ant-tart

Loud, rattling cough. Asthmatic-type breathing. Rattling from chest can be easily heard. Coughing up phlegm.


  1. Belladonna

Comes on suddenly. High temperature. Dry, tickling violent cough. Flushed face. Voice hoarse. Bad mood.


  1. Bryonia

Dry, stitching painful cough. Irritating, racking cough. Person holds chest while coughing. Deep breath aggravates. Thirsty. Wants to be alone and keep still. Very irritable.


  1. Drosera

Violent cough, worse at night when person lies down. Barking, spasmodic cough with retching, gagging and vomiting. Big remedy for Whooping Cough.


  1. Hepar Sulph

Rattling, loose chesty cough. Difficult to cough up phlegm. Coughs up thick, yellow phlegm. Feels very cold and wants to be covered. Irritable, critical and impatient with cough. Cough worse once in bed.


  1. Ipecac

Dry cough (but can sound loose). Rattling cough. Incessant and violent cough. Choking fits of coughing. Gagging and vomiting from cough.


  1. Phosphorous

Dry tickling cough. Cough worse from cold air, talking, laughing. Mucous can be blood streaked from nose. Colds that turn to coughs / chest infections. Cough comes on in evening or twilight. Thirsty and want ice-cold drinks or ice-cream.


  1. Pulsatilla

Dry cough with yellow/green mucous. Worse in evening, morning, lying down. Cough may be loose in morning. Must sit up to cough. Worse for stuffy warm rooms and better for fresh air. Thirstless. May retch from cough. Tearful and clingy.


  1. Rhus Tox

Coughing and sneezing. Dry coughs from midnight though till morning. Coughing interferes with sleep.


  1. Rumex

Dry, tickling cough. Irritating cough. Suffocative, choking cough. Cough coming from the larynx – intense tickling. Cough set off by change of temperature, ie. changing rooms (from sitting room into hall etc), opening fridge.


  1. Spongia

Dry, barking raspy cough – sounds like a seal barking. Attacks of coughing. Big remedy for Croup. Cough better from eating and drinking. Worse around midnight.

If the cough is persistent and not responding to any of your chosen cough remedies, you should book an Online Acute Consultation with me. I can then go through the symptoms with you and advise on best remedies if you have them at home, or supply if needs be.

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