Coughs! Can’t get the right remedy?!


Selecting the Best Homeopathic Remedy for Coughs

This is something I’ve just posted in my Homeopathy for Babies facebook group. But I am sharing it here too as it is important when treating COUGHS!!

Let a Homeopath treat your Cough

I just want to say something about treating coughs. Coughs can be a difficult thing to treat, especially if is going on a couple of weeks or something that a child/adult is prone to getting. Yes the remedy kits which most of us have can help at times, especially in the early stages. But if these remedies are not working, get a consultation pronto. Stopping a cough or reducing the predisposition to them can take some deep acting remedies. I know it is that time of year when all these things are starting to kick off.

I have years of experience and there are times when I can be unsure of the best remedy. There are literally loads of remedies that can help a cough (3000+ remedies in total!) – getting the best one takes a good bit of knowledge, and experience. And often remedies that are not well known to the general public are what is needed. And, at other times, even if one of the remedies from the kit is actually required – it very often needs a different potency and dosage to the acute-type treatment.

Many Options for treating Coughs

There are lots of ways to treat coughs – sometimes a miasmatic nosode (very deep acting remedy) is needed alongside the more traditional remedies.

Hope this makes sense – just want everybody to be aware that if you are not getting any positive results with remedies, it might not be that homeopathy is not working, it is more than likely that you need a different remedy.

If you are interested in trying some homeopathic remedies to treat your cough, please go HERE.

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