Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers

Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers is common. It is such a fragile time of life where our young people mature and grow into themselves. A time when they find out who they are and what they want from life. When I think of teenagers I always think of 3 words – potential, potential, potential! The teen years are a time of massive potential but alas it can also be an intense time of deep stress, depression and anxiety.

What is causing depression and anxiety in teenagers?

Stress of school, body-image worries, bullying on and offline, finding their sexuality, frustration, lack of confidence, a feeling of not fitting in, fear of being different, family conflicts, loneliness, uncertainty, trying to make the team, all can lead to depression and anxiety in teenagers. Living in the ‘social media’ world that we all do puts a huge pressure on young teens – supposed to look a particular way, supposed to like a particular music, supposed to dress in particular clothes. And of course whatever they post online is seen by everybody so it must look good to their peers – kind of like ‘marketing’ themselves.

Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers

It is normal for teenagers to have worries and fears and learn some coping skills. But when worries and fears don’t resolve, and are interfering in your child’s academic, social and everyday life, then help is needed.

Some of the physical and hormonal changes experienced during the teenage years can cause much distress – hormones, mood swings, anger, skin problems, acne, eating disorders, periods for girls, sexuality. These are all easily treated with homeopathy.

Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers

I can help with all of this. There are some specific remedies which can be used in the teenage years – ones that are focused on this emotional and hormonal phase of life. Finding a remedy which matches a teenager involves having a full consultation with me – more information on this here.

There are specific therapeutic remedies for acne and spots, something I get asked about a lot. Other remedies can be given specifically for exam nerves, or anxiety about an upcoming event, such as a sporting event. Some remedies are specific for easing period pains and PMT. There are remedies for sports injuries too. Lots of possibilities to help.

Treating depression and anxiety in teenagers, or any other emotional, physical or hormonal problems, usually requires a combination of remedies. This is such an intense time of change and maturing that I have found this to be the best approach.

Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers

If you feel your teenager needs help, then please book in for an appointment with me. Or avail of the FREE 15 minute Skype chat that I offer. There’s no obligation with this chat, it gives you and your child an opportunity to ask questions and gives me the opportunity to explain my treatment approach in more detail. This button takes you to my calendar page where you can book a full consultation or the 15 minute free chat.

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