Depression and Anxiety

Can my Depression and Anxiety be treated naturally?

Yes, absolutely. Depression and Anxiety can be treated naturally.

Do I have to stop taking my other medications or treatments for this to work?

No, absolutely not.

Choose hope

These are two of the most common questions I’m asked when treating depression and anxiety so I’m just getting the answers out there now. Depression and Anxiety can be treated naturally, and effectively, and successfully. Any other medications or treatments you are using can still be used alongside, there’s no problem at all.

Here’s a great testimonial from a man I treated. His own words really describe the essence of depression and anxiety, and the help he received. I couldn’t have worded it better….

I had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. I had lost a son in 1988 and also been electrocuted in our house the Christmas of the same year. A few years after that I started taking anti depressants and have been on them and various doses of them ever since. I felt outside my own life and that of my children and wife, like everything was going on around me, numbed out of the joy and numbed out of the depression. The anxiety I still suffered was unreal, maybe 5 hours sleep awake at 5 or 6 am, heart racing with worries, everything wrong, weeks spent in bed not able to get up. I wanted to do my work but I just had no power no energy. I could write a list as long as your arm. Anne was recommended to my wife by a friend of hers who had had migraine and had helped her. She told us she is like a gardener she gets the gloves on and gets digging!!! I was very nervous going up to see her. I told her some things what I could think of including the death of my son and the electrocution. Anne asked me where I felt the electric shock most and I said my head, I thought my head would explode. No one had ever listened to that symptom ever, it had no significance in the medical world. I was given a remedy to take daily for a month and a follow up meeting was arranged for a months time. I didn’t notice much of a change for a week to 10 days but after that daily I began to improve. I felt more present in the world around me, my family, my wife, my farm. My concentration came back, my interest in day to day things just opened up. I started to enjoy life, holidays, nights out, family meals and just ordinary things. It wasn’t a high but a feeling of being alive and present. That was 18 months ago. In all that time I had 1 slight anxiety attack at about 3 months into homeopathy treatment. I contacted Anne and a new remedy was given and to this day I am anxiety free. To be able to sleep all night every night, to wake up in good form, to laugh, to be comfortable going out, to be able to do my work is just new life to me. I am still on antidepressants but they have been reduced to 3 per day instead of 5 a day. I suppose the biggest thing I did is to go into a travel agents and buy a sun holiday for myself and my wife, plan it all and give it to her for her birthday. In 30 years of marriage I had never done anything like that. Everyone says I look great now and I feel great just grand not a high just grand. What more could ye ask for. Thank You Anne, G. K.

It is truly amazing to read a person’s journey in their own words. The impact on this man has been literally life-changing. He is now in the process of slowly reducing his medication – using homeopathy to support this. It really inspires me how brave and courageous people are.

The direction you're heading can be changed.
The direction you’re heading can be changed.

Here’s another testimonial:

I went to see Anne a few years ago for severe anxiety and other issues. Anne got me straight away and I knew at that first meeting she was the woman to help me gain control of these issues. Anne is a brilliant listener, very intuitive and compassionate and very knowledgeable. She is doing one of the jobs she was born to do, helping people, and she does it so well. Anne knew the exact remedy for me and within a month I could feel it working, I felt more calm and hopeful, when panic started to rise I could feel it subsiding straight away, I was amazed, and my confidence has greatly increased as a result. As my issues were many and very deep rooted I continued taking this particular remedy for over a year and it transformed me, my anxiety is not an issue today, I am a much calmer person and I deal with challenges much better. Anne has helped me in so many ways and I am very grateful to her. I strongly and highly recommend Anne, she understands and cares about every individual who goes to her for help, she treats people with the greatest respect and kindness.
Thanks Anne for all your help.
Margaret, Kildare.

I love the fact that people’s lives can get better, that their whole outlook on life improves, that they feel unburdened by the darkness of their depression, that they can go about their normal life anxiety-free, that they can live the life they truly want. Because each of us has the right to a content life. I feel really passionate about this, and this is what drives me to delve and investigate until I get the best treatment for everyone I meet.

Do you have depression or anxiety?

Some of the ‘typical’ signs are listed here (but we are all individuals so some of this may or may not apply to you).

  • Down in the dumps continually, persistently sad, depressed
  • Feelings of “emptiness”, negativity, pessimism
  • Feelings of despair and hopelessness
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
  • Loss of interest in your usual hobbies, sports or lifestyle activities
  • No desire to talk or communicate with your family or friends
  • Feeling disconnected from your life
  • Loss of libido (sex-drive)
  • Decreased energy, exhausation, fatigued
  • Lack of concentration, can’t remember day-to-day stuff, difficulty making decisions
  • Sleep issues – insomnia, waking up too early, or oversleeping in the morning
  • Staying in bed for days
  • Low appetite with weight loss; or overeating with weight gain
  • Restlessness (mentally and physically), mood swings, irritable
  • Thoughts of death or suicide, suicidal attempts
  • Physical symptoms such as digestive disorders or headaches
Depression and AnxietyAnxiety:
  • Constant anxiety and consistently worrying
  • Dwelling on issues, whether important or not
  • Anticipation – anxious about what ‘might happen’, the ‘what ifs’
  • Sleep issues – insomnia, oversleeping, waking up tired, restless sleep
  • Easily angered, mood swings
  • Easily tired, exhausted, fatigued
  • Difficulty concentrating, mind goes blank, can’t remember day-to-day stuff
  • Restlessness, feeling ‘on edge’, unable to relax
  • Nervous tension
  • Feeling out of control
  • Muscle tension
  • Physical symptoms such as palpitations, diarrhoea, breathlessness
  • Panic Attacks / Anxiety Attacks

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Postnatal Depression, Anticipatory Anxiety can all be treated safely and effectively with homeopathy.

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