Depression in Teenagers – A Case Study

Depression in Teenagers

This is a case study showing how Depression in Teenagers can be treated with homeopathy.

Depression in Teenagers

This case has a history of anxiety going back to primary school. There was an absolute dread and hate of having to go to school for many years. This has resulted in depression.

There’s a volatile temper and disconnection from family and peers, spending a lot of time on own listening to music and reading.

Difficult concentration at school and hard to study. Disruption in class and continually in trouble at school. Very restless at home.

Difficulty relaxing and a feeling of dread when wakes in morning.

Bites nails constantly.

Sleep is very disturbed. Finds it hard to ‘switch off’ at night. Has a lot of nightmares.

This case shows how teenage depression can impact on school, sleep and general well-being. 

Teenage Depression

Treating Depression in Teenagers

Treating depression in teenagers involves going back to when the depressive symptoms first started and working from there. This is important as there may be different triggers for the depression (see below), whilst sometimes there is no apparent trigger at all.

In this case, there was already a predisposition to mental health issues, as seen by the childhood anxiety.

But sometimes Depression in Teenagers can be triggered by:

  • the stresses and pressure of school and exams
  • tramatic event or situation
  • peer pressure
  • social media
  • coming into yourself
  • deciding what you want to do with your life
  • friendships and relationships
  • puberty
  • sexual orientation
  • physical complaints, such as acne
  • family trait to mental health issues
  • and HORMONES which can play a really big part.

Accompanying symptoms, such as acne, can also be treated with homeopathy.

Treatment Plan using Homeopathy

In this case, I would recommend three remedies.

  1. The first remedy is focused on depression in general. This remedy is to bring emotions into balance, thereby reducing depression and improving general well-being. Some of the complaints included in the notes have to be included in the correct remedy – depressed, disconnected, restless, disruptive, butterfly feeling in stomach, sleep disturbances, aloneness. Some of the possible remedies are Arsenicum, Aurum, Lycopodium, Nat-mur.
  2. The second remedy is a support to the first. These include Tissue Salts for nervous tension (eg. Kali-phos) and skin complaints (eg. Silica).
  3. Remedies to help with sleep, to be taken at night 30 mins before bedtime. This will allow an easier sleep which will also have a positive impact on well-being. Possible remedies are Passiflora, Coffea, Avena Sativa.

Treating Depression in Teenagers with Homeopathy

Depression in Teenagers is something I treat with homeopathy.

I am driven to helping my clients, whatever their age, feel content and well in their lives and I believe that the teenage years should be about finding and fulfilling your potential. It is such a sensitive and fragile time of life and I feel strongly that it should also be a time of self-discovery and ease.

Every teenager has the right to go after and plan the life they want. And if depression, anxiety or panic attacks is stopping that, then please do contact me for help.

I offer a FREE 15 min Skype chat to discuss your case and this can be booked here. You can also book full consultations here too.

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