Depression after Redundancy – How Homeopathy Helped

Depression after Redundancy

This is the story of how ‘Marianne’ suffered a bout of Depression after Redundancy from her very successful and busy job.

“I was suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety. I went to see Anne at the suggestion from a relative of mine. I absolutely have no regrets. I found that Anne took such a detailed history that I had great confidence that she was really working her hardest to help me. She listened intently to what I had to say. I never felt rushed and she was always accessible to me during my treatment which was invaluable. I found a immediate feeling of recovery as the remedies were catered to my needs. Thanks to Anne I learned a lot about myself during that time. I have converted to a holistic approach to my health and well being after my visit to Anne.”

Depression after Redundancy

Marianne knew for sure that the loss of her job had definitely triggered her Depression. She had lost all motivation since then, and was finding it hard not having a routine anymore. She had never experienced depression or anxiety before.

Every day was a massive effort and struggle to get out of bed, and some days it didn’t happen until well into the afternoon. Her appetite had totally disappeared and she couldn’t keep herself warm. She had lost a lot of weight. Getting to sleep at night was very difficult.

Marianne was losing interest in her usual hobbies and finding concentration difficult. Even washing and drying her hair was an ordeal. She couldn’t see herself getting another job because of the way she was feeling.

“I over-think and worry about everything”.

Treating Depression after Redundancy

Marianne was prescribed two homeopathic remedies – a daily remedy to deal with her Depression and a nightly remedy to help her Sleep. Being homeopathic, they are non-toxic and non-addictive which Marianne was very keen to try. She had never tried homeopathy or alternative medicine before.

After 5 weeks, Marianne came back for her next appointment. She was feeling remarkably better. Still having short periods of depression and anxiety but not every day now. And they weren’t having the same impact as before. She was handling it much better. Her sleep and appetite had improved. She had started to look for a new job. The second prescription was a continuation of her original remedies (at a higher potency) and I then included some tissue salts.

Another month went by, and Marianne returned feeling “95% better”. She describes herself as now ready for a new challenge. She had been to some job interviews and even turned down a job as it wasn’t what she wanted. She described her sleep as brilliant. Everything was much improved.

Marianne continued on her remedy combination for another month. We then had a quick chat on the phone and agreed that she was ready to go it alone now.

Marianne’s case is really interesting. She is a very successful and busy woman with lots of interests and then, suddenly, she loses her job and Depression sets in – (even though she had never any predisposition to depression before). Then she spirals downhill and feels unable to get herself back up again.

Homeopathy was able to help her. Finding remedies that dealt with the emotional impact the redundancy had on her wellbeing, and focusing on the actual symptoms she was presenting since then, led me to choose some good remedies.

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Client’s name changed as requested for this blog