Detox the Pill

Detox the Pill

I posted a link to a newspaper article on side-effects of the Pill this week and a number of women messaged me looking for more info on how they could detox the Pill. So I want to explain a little more how this can be done.

Detox the Pill – Naturally and Safely

Why do women want to detox the Pill?This is something I deal with very regularly. These are the most common reasons I see:

  • To start trying for a family. This is a time when women become conscious of getting themselves back into balance, particularly on a hormonal level. To detox the pill will optimise fertility chances. (On a side-note, there are lots of remedies to help with fertility).
  • Feeling anxious and depressed since starting the Pill. These are common side-effects of the Pill that some women are not even aware of. Taking the Pill is more than just stopping a pregnancy; it involves taking daily doses of hormones which are unnatural, which will have side-effects. Anti-depressants are not always the answer if you’re feeling depressed or anxious (only numbs the problem) – try coming off the Pill first and see how you feel. Then contact me if things don’t settle down.
  • Mood swings since the Pill. More irritable, more weepy, more angry.
  • Have put on weight since starting the Pill. Again, another common side-effect, but I think women are more aware of this.
  • Knowing they have been on it way too long.
  • Women who have already come off the Pill and their periods are all over the place. Or their skin has broken out. Or they feel more hormonal. This is also common as the body now doesn’t know how to respond and is all out of sync. Another good reason to detox the Pill.
  • Teenagers who were put on the Pill for period problems such as painful periods, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, acne. All of which can be helped with homeopathic remedies. Teenage girls are at a time when their female reproductive system is maturing so allowing that to happen in a natural way with no hormonal interference is best. Been put on the Pill is a decision not to be taken lightly.
  • To optimise health.

Detox the Pill with Homeopathy

The focus when working with remedies to detox the Pill is always on ‘hormonal’ remedies, ones which respond well with the typical hormonal issues women deal with.

Then the next aspect is about finding out EXACTLY what is going on – all the physical aspects, along with the emotional and mental aspects.

For example, periods may now be completely irregular, or painful. Women often say they have been on the Pill for 15 years and, now that they’ve come off it, their periods have gone back to how they were as a teenager. Why? Because they have gone back to how they were BEFORE they started the Pill. Been on the Pill has interfered with the menstrual cycle and it now needs to be re-balanced.

Another example, and very common, is women who started to suffer with mood swings, anxiety or depression, in their 20s (usually around the time they started the Pill or just after!). Now they’ve come off the Pill and the mood swings etc are still going on – Why? Because the body is now stuck and needs to be shifted so it can balance itself out.

Detox the Pill – The Treatment Plan

Deciding on which treatment method is correct is very individual. It depends on how you have responded to the Pill, and how you’ve responded since the Pill. Information on how you and your cycle presented before starting the Pill is really important.

To find the best treatment to detox the Pill requires a full consultation, where I can question you to get all the detailed information.

Then a decision can be made on going forward.

There are very specific remedies to detox the Pill. And there are even remedies made from the exact Pill you have been on. This gives lots of options for bringing you back into balance.

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