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Digestive Treated Naturally

Digestive Problems – Can they be Treated Naturally?

Of course they can. If you are interested in an alternative or complementary treatment for your Digestive Problems, homeopathy offers a real and effective solution.

In fact, this is what brought me to homeopathy in the first place. After years of trying to control my digestive problems through diet and lifestyle, I eventually went to a homeopath who prescribed a couple of remedies and I never looked back.

You are what you eat – but you can add to that you are what you feel too. A combination of the two is what usually disorders our digestive tracts. Our guts definitely hold on to our emotions. So put good stuff in, and good stuff comes out (food and emotions/thoughts). Easier said than done sometimes.

  • Constipation is so common, among children as well as adults. Children can hold on for days without going. You can read more about treating constipation in children at home with remedies yourself HERE. Constipation in adults often signifies a difficulty in ‘letting go’. Letting go of the hurts, letting go of the past, letting go of emotional pain, letting go of the stress, letting go of the fears and barriers that are holding us back in life, letting go of the ‘crap’ … literally. So finding a homeopathic remedy which matches on an emotional level as well as a physical level will have a good outcome.
  • Diarrhoea is also common and can become chronic, both in adults and children. There sometimes can be a feeling of being out of control or fearfulness and anxiety.
Digestive Problems Treated Naturally
Let’s sort this crap out!
  • IBS is a chronic condition with lots of symptoms (gas, bloating, pain and cramping, diarrhoea/constipation, rectal incontinence, mucousy stool). There is often a lot of stress and fear of making change. There are lots of remedies for IBS – the key is to find the right one(s) by focusing on the physical complaint along with the emotional wellbeing. This is easily done by taking a very detailed case history with the present-day circumstances.
  • Ulcers usually are associated with some unresolved issues on an emotional level.
  • Crohn’s Disease, Gastritis, Gallstones, Bad Breath, Colitis, Piles, Heartburn – all can be helped with homeopathy.

If you are taking Nexium, you should read my blog on using an Alternative to Nexium HERE.

Why do these Digestive Problems happen?

Nature and Nurture!

Nature in that we are born the way we are, with predisposition or susceptibility to particular ailments. Some of this can be genetic.

Nurture by our personal life experiences, exposures and learned behaviours from our parents and family members

Treating Digestive Problems Naturally

Homeopathy is holistic so getting a detailed picture of everything that is going on is the key. Then a remedy or remedies can be put together that matches everything about the person, which allows the body to begin healing.

Support remedies can also be prescribed which work at a therapeutic level – zoom in on a particular symptom or problem (such as prescribing Colocynthis for cramping pains in the tummy).

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