Treating Ear Infections Naturally

Ear Infections

Here’s a list of the top homeopathic remedies for treating Ear Infections naturally.

This list is for home use and if the Ear Infections are recurring then you need to book an appointment with me to deal with this at a deeper level.

There are also lots more less well-known remedies for treating Ear Infections naturally, particularly when it keeps recurring. In this case, you will need a consultation with me to get to the root cause (susceptibility).

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Treating Ear Infections Naturally

  1. Aconite

Sudden onset. After being out in a cold, dry wind. Early stage of illness. Comes on around midnight. Fever with dilated pupils. Restless and fearful.


  1. Belladonna

Big remedy for Ear Infections where there is high fever and a lot of pain. Comes on suddenly. Right ear usually worse. Red, hot, throbbing pains.


  1. Chamomilla

Unbearable pains. Cannot bear to be touched on painful area. Can be linked to teething in babies and young children. Very irritable. Inconsolable. Wants to be carried. Wants things, then throws them in frustration.


  1. Hepar Sulph

Severe stitching pain. Often starts in left ear and extends to right. Can be accompanied by sore throat. Ear very sensitive and worse for touch, wind, open air or least draught. Smelly discharge from ear. Better for warmth. Very irritable.


  1. Merc Sol or Merc Viv

Enlarged glands. Burning throbbing pains. Pains worse from warmth of bed. Thick yellowish discharge from ear (eardrum may perforate – if perforated, use Calendula 30 for healing). Bad breath. Ear feels blocked. Thirsty and may be sweaty. Weary and tired. Irritable and/or anxious.


  1. Pulsatilla

Ear Infection (without the very high fever of Belladonna). Darting pulsating pain. Worse at night and for heat. “Glue ear”. Hearing reduced. Better for fresh air. Weepy and clingy. Doesn’t want to be alone.


  1. Silica

Ear feels blocked. Ongoing ear infections. Perforated eardrum. Itchy feeling in ear. Shooting pain in ear. Sensitive.



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