Ella’s Story “Will the thoughts go away Anne?”

Anxiety in children

This is the story of Ella who came to me four years ago at the age of 7 with Anxiety. Her story shows how Anxiety in Children can be successfully treated.

Anxiety in Children

Ella is terrified and obsessed that she is going to stop breathing and die. She has OCD tendencies and is constantly washing her hands.

She gets strange thoughts and says “they just come by themself” such as making herself sick, although she hasn’t actually followed through on this. There is a family history of Anorexia and Bulimia, and Anxiety. “Will the thoughts go away Anne?” she asked me. I assured her that I would try my very best to make them go away. And I meant it.

Ella’s tummy gets very sore from worrying and she has barely any appetite. She also has asthma. Has a little eczema which flares when the anxiety is bad.

She is very attached to Mum and feels more secure when Mum is around. Going to school is not easy for her as she doesn’t like to leave Mum. She is afraid of getting into trouble in school, even though she is extremely well behaved, and her homework must be absolutely perfect before she can relax.

Ella is a very intelligent and articulate child and is able to describe her thoughts and symptoms better than most adults. She is very mature and likes to keep busy. She is very sporty and a high achiever in whatever she does. She thrives on routine and likes doing everything in a certain order.

Her birth was very traumatic and she slept very little as a baby. Mum says that Ella “has never truly relaxed her whole life”.

Ella’s case is very interesting and really shows the impact anxiety in children can have. Her imbalance is very much focused on a mental and emotional level, even though she also has some physical symptoms. The remedy would have to be one that focuses on anxiety and fear of dying. There was more detailed information in the case which helped me decide on the best treatment plan but this is a good summary of what was going on.

The remedy chosen was Arg-Nit. This is a big anxiety remedy, especially when people are worrying about the “what ifs”. It is a very good remedy for anxiety in children whose anxiety is around anticipation of what could happen. She was given a strong dose, repeated often. She was also given some tissue salts for support.

Ella responded really well on this remedy, so much so that she only needed one further check-up appointment at that time.

Treating Anxiety in Children

Ella came back again after two years, now aged 9. The Anxiety was bad again. She is worried about everything. I asked Ella what she is anxious about “all the danger issues, my baby sister might choke”. Mum says she is dwelling on everything and is becoming obsessional.

Ella doesn’t like Mum going to work and finds it hard to sleep at night worrying about this.

Tell me more Ella, I asked. “Somebody could set the house on fire. We could die. I think bad things have happened. Then I doubt myself and don’t believe my thoughts”. “I have to tell Mum or Dad, if I don’t then bad things will happen”. Sometimes she will write a note to Mum or Dad explaining this. “Sometimes if I’m feeling OK, I then think maybe I’m not OK”. “I worry about everything in a bad way”. “I’m afraid somebody will kill Daddy”. “I’m worried Mummy will die”. It makes her very sad. And now she is worrying that her anxiety is upsetting Mum and Dad. She doesn’t like being on her own, afraid of being kidnapped.

The anxiety started after the recent birth of her younger sister.

She has a weird feeling in her stomach, like butterflies.

The obsessional hand-washing has not returned this time.

What is going on? Ella has a predisposition to anxiety so when she feels stressed in her life, then it appears. I think when Ella feels any way vulnerable, her anxiety rises. 

Same remedy was repeated in a higher dose. Again, she responded immediately.

Ongoing Treatment of Anxiety

Ella is now aged 11 and she came back recently, with the same complaint. Anxiety is bad again and is focused on her own health. She is very fearful of dust. She has a cough and is highly anxious that she is going to die from it.

Mum says it is obsessional, she has these irrational fears. She is over-thinking everything.

She is unhappy that Mum is now working some weekends and misses her terribly. One of her grandparents died recently and Mum feels this has triggered the anxiety again.

What is it like Ella? “It is like a loop and I just can’t stop it”.

Mum says the remedy is “brilliant, she responds so well to it. Every time”.

Again, we see the predisposition to anxiety for Ella. When she feels under stress, the anxiety rises. Her grandparent dying has had a big impact on her. I don’t see any reason to change the remedy for her, but I do think she needs an even stronger dose – which will work at a very deep level.

The remedy Arg-Nit was repeated and she, again, has responded amazingly well and within a couple of days.

Here’s what Ella’s Mum said about homeopathy

“I brought my daughter who suffers from anxiety to see Anne for a consultation. Her ability to extract information from a worried child while putting her completely at ease is a testament to her expertise as a homeopath and indeed a mother..I would have no hesitation in recommending this lady and indeed have her on speed dial!!!”

Ella’s story shows how we all have a genetic predisposition to suffer with particular complaints. These complaints can be physical, emotional or mental. Family traits to certain ailments is strong.

Ella responds so well to this particular remedy which shows that finding the correct, and best, remedy is key to successful treatment. That is my job! There are lots of remedies here in my ‘medicine chest’ and finding the best one for an individual can take time and a lot of studying.

If you, or your child, is suffering with Anxiety please contact me to see how I can help. You can book a FREE 15 min Skype chat or full consultation through my online calendar here

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