Exam Nerves & Stress

Exam Nerves

What remedies are good for Exam Nerves & Stress?

I’m listing out the best remedies for Exam Nerves and Stress in teenagers and adults facing important exams. These remedies are so useful, particularly with teenagers who find it really stressful.


General fear and phobia remedy. Panic attacks or feeling panicked by the upcoming exam. Exam nerves is felt as fear in the heart area – with palpitations. Restless with anxiety. Very intense remedy so the anxiety usually presents as intense, acute anxiety.


Great remedy for State Exams.

Finding it hard to concentrate and keep attention when studying. Very anxious with lots of crying. Real anguish and stress. Restless. Brain fatigue from all the studying. Brain feels confused. Can’t get to sleep the night before in case they don’t wake up in time. Can be reserved people with a deep love of animals.


Anxious and worried about upcoming exam – great remedy for Anticipation. Exam Nerves causes loose stool and diarrhoea. Craving sweet and sugary food. Peculiar thoughts – worrying about the “what ifs?, ie. things that might happen. Impulsive and rushing around. Feels like time is running out.


Anxious and worried about upcoming exam. Exam Nerves causes increased urination and they feel better for urinating. Legs feel jittery and weak. Trembling with nerves. Feels weak and nearly paralysed from the stress. Wants to lie down and be quiet.


Finding that keeping their concentration during the exam is really difficult. Makes mistakes in their writing, spelling, speaking. Thoughts are jumbled up and person is absent minded. Feels panicked. Has a spacey, detached feeling (strong indication).


The main indication for Lycopodium is a FEAR OF FAILURE, even though they have prepared. Usually people have this fear but then end up performing really well once they get started. Fear of breaking down from stress. Lot of digestive issues with the exam anxiety – obvious bloating and full of loud gas (food ferments in the gut), difficult stool. Feels anxiety in the pit of their stomach. Bit of a Street Angel, House Devil type. Domineering and irritable at home with loved ones; the opposite outside the home. Desires sweet and sugary food.


Procrastination! Easily tired. Feels cold and stressed. Anxious and faint-hearted. Lacks confidence. Very timid, especially in front of others. Brain fag from studying. Can over-study trying to have everything right. Very sensitive.

Be aware that this list of remedies is for home prescribing purposes. There are other remedies which can help and sometimes deeper acting remedies, such as those prescribed professionally, are required. If you are finding that these remedies are not helping the Exam Nerves, please book in for an Online Consultation via my Online Calendar here

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Photo credit – by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash