Halloween Homeopathy

Halloween Homeopathy

Halloween Homeopathy for Dogs & Humans 🎃

Halloween can be a frightening time for yourself, your children and your four-legged furry friends 🐕.

The best remedy for this is:


I would also consider giving –


At Halloween, I usually make a combination of remedies for my doggies. One in particular is terrified of loud noises – she legs it when she even sees a balloon come into the house. Once the fireworks start, she starts to fret. And then follows me around like a shadow. The poor thing 🐕

These remedies are also good for cats or any other animals that are scared or fretting 🐱

One way I give remedies to my doggies is in their water bowl. I just put 4 or 5 pills into the water and they will drink away at it during the day. Otherwise, if I’m less prepared or the fireworks just start all of a sudden, I then make them up in water and just put a little bit on their nose.

For children/adults who are frightened at Halloween, make up the remedies in a bottle or glass of water. And let them sip over a few hours. Or, if easier, just crush one pill of each remedy into powder and put directly into mouth (or mix on a spoon of water).

Some do well on just Aconite alone. But Phosphorous is a remedy with a lot of fears, particularly relating to the surrounding environment (dark, noises, weather etc.). Gelsemium is a great remedy for Anxiety.

For more info on Anxious Children, see HERE.

Sometimes Halloween night itself can spook a child. After being out in the dark Trick or Treating, lots of fears set in. ACONITE is so good for this. There are other remedies too but try this first.

Happy Halloween 🎇🎃

And, if your child or yourself can’t let go of the spooky feeling, are having nightmares or terror of the dark etc, please book in for an Online Consultation. You can do this via my Online Calendar here