Homeopathic Detox

Homeopathic Detox

Homeopathic Detox is used to detox lots of toxins which cause ill health and adverse reactions in people.

The most common substances detoxed using homeopathy are:

Homeopathic Detox
Sometimes the substance that made you sick can be the substance that makes you better.

How does Homeopathic Detox work?

  1. DETOX – a homeopathic remedy to specifically detox the original substance is prescribed. This is given in weekly ascending strengths over the course of approximately three months; or longer, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Sometimes multiple toxins need to be detoxed – such as a flu vaccine, alongside the contraceptive pill, or steroids.
  2. SUPPORT – remedies to support organs or systems within the body are prescribed. These can be specific to the actual damage or adverse reaction caused by the original substance. Or can be used to support the system while the detox is taking place. One example, remedies to help with low energy and exhaustion after a vaccination.
  3. INDIVIDUALISE – a remedy is also prescribed which matches a person as an individual, different from others, and different in their unique reaction to the original substance. Not evryone has the same adverse reaction. This is usually given throughout the Detox Process.
  4. ADDITIONALS – every case is unique so I cannot say that ‘one size fits all’ – far from it! There are so many possibilities with Homeopathic Detox. By taking an individual approach to each person, the treatment is tailored accordingly – this often involves additional remedies being prescribed.

Homemopathic Detox provides a sensible and effective approach.

The Detox takes at least 3 months, with one consultation with me per month. For consultation prices, see HERE.

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