Homeopathy for Hayfever

Homeopathy for Hayfever

Where to start with using Homeopathy for Hayfever?? !!

I’m going to suggest some remedies here in this blog for using acutely, to help your Hayfever in the moment, when you have it. Homeopathy for hayfever is often a first step for people into treating themselves and their family with homeopathy.

But, I’d like to point out that getting a full homeopathic consultation with me would deal with the deeper disposition to Hayfever and hayfever-type symptoms. Same applies for chronic allergies. This will have a better long-term outcome.

Homeopathy for Hayfever – the Acute Remedies

Allium Cepa

Think of when you’re chopping an onion. These are the symptoms that Allium Cepa helps – eyes and nose irritated (because Allium Cepa is Red Onion!). Burning watery eyes. Burning within the nose. Nose runs or drips constantly which can burn the upper lip. Lots of sneezing. Throat may be hoarse or tickly. (Nose discharge burns, eye discharge doesn’t usually).


Burning pain in nose, eyes and/or throat which feels better for warm application or drinks. Nose feels blocked yet continues to flow, which burns the upper lip. Nose also itchy and burning inside. Sneezing. Burning watery eyes which burn the skin around the eyes making them red and sore looking. Burning pains/sensation is key to Arsenicum.


Eyes inflamed, irritated, burning, itching. Watery burning eyes. Eyes feel gritty. Wakes with eyes crusted and dried. Watery mucous from nose and sneezing, doesn’t burn. (Eye discharge burns, nose discharge doesn’t).

Mixed Pollen

This remedy is made from a mixture of …… you guessed it – mixed pollen! So if pollen is your problem setting off your hayfever, this could be a good remedy for you. Especially if some of the other remedies are not working for you.

Nux Vomica

Symptoms much worse in the morning. Sneezing and running nose in the morning. But nose feels dry and blocked at night. (Might be a tad irritable!).


Itching watery eyes, better for cold applications. Worse for heat (sun, warm drinks/food). Discharge from nose watery, might turn yellow/greenish. Wants fresh air to feel better.


Sneezing Sneezing and more Sneezing! With nose streaming. Aggravated by strong smells (such as flowers). Tingling and itching inside nose. Eyelids red and burning.

And I hate to tell you this – but there at least another 20 homeopathic remedies for hayfever (and they’re just for acute hayfever)! So if the above remedies are not resonating with your own particular symptoms, then book in for an online/phone consultation with me now

Sometimes a tailored mix of remedies works better for Hayfever.

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