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Who is Anne Collins?

That’s me! I am known for being an Innovative and Leading Homeopath. I use my own customised approach to treat each individual in the best way I see fit. I don’t believe that one size fits all – far from it. We are all unique individuals so I take a unique individual approach to every treatment plan I devise.

Me & My Other Half (I'm on the left!)
Me & My Other Half (I’m on the left!)

I take a very open-minded and non-judgmental approach to my work. Believe me when I say I have yet to be shocked by someone’s story. I know that we all have our own story to tell about our life, and I am dedicated to providing a safe and confidential place for you to do this.

I became interested in homeopathy many years ago through my own personal story. I had suffered with digestive issues for most of my life and found it very difficult to find a successful treatment. Having a keen interest anyway in taking a natural approach to health I found ways of ‘managing’ my issues through diet and lifestyle. But then I found homeopathy and it provided the answer I was looking for and to be honest I’ve never looked back. I ended up going back to college and studying for four years and am now in full-time practice and a Lecturer in the Irish School of Homeopathy. I also provide case supervision for students and run tutorial study groups.

When I went to college I learned the basics of homeopathy and it gave me a good understanding of the philosophies behind health and dis-ease. But then I started treated people and this is where my real learning happened. Through experience, over and over; I gained so much insight to how homeopathy can really help people.

I have 3 children who are all treated very successfully with homeopathy.

I believe that there is an answer to most problems, you just have to keep seeking until you find that answer.

I have worked in Studio 3 Naas since its opening (and in the Fairgreen Holistic Clinic and Glosna House before that) and have a keen interest in treating mental health issues, women’s health and children of all ages. I now treat people from different parts of the world through Skype which I find is very convenient and successful for clients.

How does working with Anne Collins work?

See HERE for detailed information on working with me.

What happens at a consultation?

Consultations takes place primarily on Skype, Messenger or phone.

I am also available in Studio 3 Yoga Centre in Naas, Co. Kildare.

Online and Phone consultations have great advantages:

  • You don’t have to travel to see me. I work internationally via Messenger or Skype.
  • If you are bringing a child/children for consultation, you do not have the stress of packing them up and bringing them to a strange place.
  • You don’t have to make babysitting arrangements if you have children. We can agree a time slot suitable to us both.
  • You will be connecting with me from the comfort of your own home where you will feel relaxed and at ease. This works particularly well for children.
  • It is good to see clients in their own environment

The initial consultation takes approximately one hour where I will guide you through a series of questions about yourself, your symptoms and your illness. I will be writing down some of what you say during the consultation which I can use afterwards to find your best treatment plan. You will find that it is a two-way communication where we work together to find the best outcome for you. I am very open-minded and non-judgmental and my main focus is about taking your characteristic information and matching it with the right treatment.

Afterwards, I will work on your case and your Prescription and Treatment Plan will be emailed to you, along with detailed instructions. Information on where to buy your prescribed remedies will also be given. If you would like me to supply and post your remedies, there is an additional charge per remedy. This is capped at a max of €20 if there are more than 3 remedies prescribed. This remedy supply service from myself is only available in Ireland and the UK – overseas clients fill their prescription locally.

Consultations after this usually take less time and involve checking in on your initial symptoms and illness and evaluating your reaction and improvements experienced from the treatment. As you progress though the treatment process, you will find that symptoms and focus change as your health returns.

Do I receive the remedies from you or purchase myself?

Either. Your Prescription and Treatment Plan will be emailed to you, along with detailed instructions. Information on where to buy your prescribed remedies will also be given. If you would like me to supply and post your remedies, there is an additional charge per remedy. This is capped at a max of €20 if there are more than 3 remedies prescribed. This remedy supply service from myself is only available in Ireland and the UK – overseas clients fill their prescription locally.

How does it work?

We, as living and energetic beings, inherently want to be in balance and our body strives for this. Everyday stresses and strains can take its toll and knock us out of balance which results in ill health, physically, mentally or emotionally. There are lots of triggers for this – such as trauma, grief, abuse, lifestyle, medications, vaccinations, genetic predisposition, environment. Homeopathy works as a catalyst to change this and bring us back into balance.

For more information, check out

The remedies I use are as follows:

  • Homeopathic Remedies – there are hundreds of homeopathic remedies and each remedy has a unique ‘look and feel’ to it. Finding the best remedy for you involves matching your individual case characteristics to a particular remedy. This can be quite a hard task but I use my own protocols focusing on your complaint. Some cases require a combination of remedies or a sequential list of remedies – it is a very individualised treatment plan.
  • Therapeutics – these are remedies which are specific to a particular part of your case. For example, some postnatal women have sleeping problems, or insomnia, even though they feel exhausted. A therapeutic remedy would be given specifically for this problem, which I find works really effectively while allowing the other remedies to work. Another example would be period irregularities and again a specific therapeutic can be given for this. There is so much potential.
  • Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) – also known as Biochemic Salts. These are micro-doses of the essential minerals our bodies need to repair and maintain itself. There are 12 tissue salts which can be used on their own or in specific combinations to optimise health. They are very similar to the therapeutic remedies as they can be used to zone in on a particular problem. For example, the tissue salt Calc-Fluor is a good treatment for stretch marks.
  • Other – there are some other remedies that can be used in conjunction with the above such as nosodes, bowel nosodes, miasmatic nosodes which should only be prescribed by a qualified practitioner.
What outcomes can I expect?
  • Increased energy and improved sense of well-being.
  • Reduction and disappearance of your symptoms.
  • Strengthened immunity and vitality.
  • A feeling of health and freedom of burden.
  • Living life to the full.
  • Contentment and happiness.

The rate at which these happen can vary for each person depending on your level of health, vitality and energy. But I am very experienced and know that my treatments and protocols work. So I would be expecting initial improvements within the first month of treatment; followed by continued improvement as treatment continues.

How often do I need consultations, and how many consultations are required?

You should allow for 4 consultations spaced over a 4 month period. Remedies are prescribed after the initial consultation and you are asked to email me with an update after 2 weeks. Adjustments to the prescription may be altered or enhanced at this stage. This update correspondence is free of charge.

The second consultation takes place 4 weeks after you begin the remedy. This will result in further remedies being prescribed. An email update may be needed again.

The third and fourth consultations takes place at 4 week intervals. It is usual that your remedy prescription will change as treatment and healing progresses.

Additional consultations may be needed but they are usually spaced out further apart.

Consultations on Skype or Messenger work particularly well as you will be sitting in your own home or somewhere you feel comfortable with a cup of coffee and relaxed. Travelling, parking, babysitting or time restrictions are not a worry and we will agree a consultation time that suits you and your lifestyle.

Can I purchase remedies myself online?

Yes you can. In the UK, Helios and Ainsworth are the main online homeopathic pharmacies. In Ireland, remedies can be purchased from Down to Earth in Dublin; or from myself if you are an existing client.

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