Menopause without HRT

Menopause without HRT

Menopause – an Alternative to HRT

There are some great homeopathic remedies for treating symptoms of the menopause – such as Lachesis, Cimicfuga, Sepia, Crot-c, Manganum, Sabina and more. But this is only needed if you have symptoms that are having an impact on your life.

If your menopausal symptoms are having a negative impact on your life, then homeopathy can help ♥

Homeopathy always takes a holistic approach when treating the menopause, so everything about an individual woman needs to be considered when selecting the best homeopathic prescription.

This involves recording detailed information on what is going on exactly with a woman’s menopause, down to the minute details –

  • hot flushes
  • sweats & night sweats
  • sleep problems
  • periods all over the place
  • anxiety & panic
  • skin & hair issues
  • emotional changes such as depression, lack of motivation or increased irritability
  • vaginal dryness
  • weight gain

Also, information on the person and anything they are predisposed to getting (eg. headaches, sore throats, anything really) MUST be included. Individual information is also taken such as the woman’s diet, bowel habits, lifestyle, hobbies, and more.

When I work with a woman experiencing menopause symptoms that need treatment, I then put all this information together and come up with a remedy prescription which matches everything, obviously with a focus on the strong menopausal symptoms she is suffering with.

But I would also give her remedies to take if she experiences debilitating hot flushes, which are causing anxiety and panic. Sometimes additional remedies to help with sleep are required. Or tissue salts can be given to improve the quality of skin/hair. There are lots of options here.

This is really important for any woman so that she is able to react to whatever happens when it happens. Women need support with the knowledge that if a flush is starting, she can immediately take a remedy which will help.

This gives confidence and empowerment which is crucial.

So, in my experience, treating a woman going through the menopause on a couple of different levels is best. Sometimes this can be complicated but it is so well worth doing.

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