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Treating Migraines Naturally

I wonder how many of us suffer with Migaines and Headaches at some stage?

I’d guess a lot!

(Please scroll down to read Lauren’s story showing how homeopathy can help.)

For women, it can be linked to our hormones (isn’t everything!). Mainly Progesterone and Oestrogen.

Just before our periods, hormone levels begin to drop – this is very often a trigger for migraines and headaches. Likewise, hormonal peaks at ovulation are another common trigger.

Lauren’s Story of Hormonal Headaches

Lauren came to me with hormonal complaints, mainly the intense pressure migraines she got every month in the few days leading up to her period. It was really debilitating. She would have to lie down in a dark room with no sound, and could not go to work. These started in puberty and have gradually deteriorated over time.

She was also suffering with severe cramps once her periods started, so bad that she would be doubled over in pain and would have to go to bed.

After taking a detailed case history and information about Lauren’s main complaint along with some other physical complaints, I prescribed the remedy Pulsatilla which closely matched her.

After one month on Pulsatilla, Lauren reported that the cramping was greatly reduced and she didn’t have to take pain-killers. Her Migraines had reduced too and it only lasted one day this time, and was less severe than normal. This was a good improvement on her original symptoms.

I prescribed a repeat of Pulsatilla.

After the second month, the cramps were gone. Again, one day of Migraine but now more like a headache, and manageable without having to lie down in a dark room. Further improvement this month.

Another repeat of Pulsatilla.

The next consultation was 2 months later, no Migraines, no cramps. She also reports that she is sleeping better than ever too.

Lauren continues to do well…

If you want to try using homeopathic remedies to treat your Migraines and Headaches ‘acutely’, see my post listing out the top headache remedies HERE.

Or if you would like to stop your Migraines and Headaches, this is where I come in. Treating you at a deeper level to strengthen your immunity and stop them happening.

I offer a FREE 15 min Skype chat with no obligation to discuss whether I can help your Migraines and Headaches. You can book that here

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