My Child is Anxious – Is it MY fault?

Anxious Child

This is something I come across a lot. And have experienced in my own life. Parents wondering if they are to blame for their child being an anxious child or suffering with anxiety (or indeed any other complaint)?

I often wonder were each of us given a big dose of ‘GUILT’ when our children were born!! As parents, we tend to blame ourselves for everything and anything.

I’ve thought a lot about this as I always try to help everybody in a family when I’m taking a particular child’s case. Because, whatever is going on, particularly if it is anxiety, there is a knock-on effect which ripples throughout the family.

It all boils down to Nature and Nurture.

Nature and Nurture

Nature – We’re each born with our own predisposition to certain conditions and complaints.

Nurture – We all experience the trials of life which are traumatic and stressful and this can trigger and/or exacerbate these predispositions.

I believe we are here to experience the good and bad that life has to offer; to learn and grow; to evolve.

But sometimes these stresses and traumas of life have a long-term effect which gets ‘stuck’ in our bodies and then ill health follows. Ill health can be physical, emotional, mental; and more often than not, a combination of all.

This is where homeopathy, or indeed other alternative therapies, can help. Causing a shift in energy that releases a child from their ‘stuckness’.

Being a Parent of an Anxious Child

Rather than blame ourselves for our child’s anxiety, why not look at it from another angle. Who do they go to for comfort? Who do they look to for guidance? To us, their parents, of course. We love them so much, we’d do anything for them. And we’re really lucky to be in that position to be able to give the love, comfort, guidance they need.

But sometimes a little bit more help is required…

How can Homeopathy help an Anxious Child?

  • When anxiety starts to impact on a child’s social, personal and academic life.
  • When anxiety starts to disturb a child’s sleep
  • When anxiety stops a child from enjoying their life freely and spontaneously
  • When anxiety starts to take over

Homeopathy can be really effective in releasing and unblocking anxiety in a child. Making things more manageable.

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