Natural Remedies for Chilblains


Homeopathy provides the perfect natural remedies for Chilblains. I’m setting out the top remedies below.

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Cold frosty weather often brings on Chilblains in both adults and children. The homeopathic remedies set out below can be used for all ages. Select the one that best matches your symptoms.

Top Natural Remedies for Chilblains


Purplish colour, numb, cold, prickling, itchy.


Slow and gradual onset. Very dry and itchy, worse in winter. Smarting sensation. Itch is exacerbated by heat of bed. Will scratch until skin bleeds.


Commonly prescribed homeopathic remedy for Chilblains. Fingers & toes. Redness, itching, burning. Inflamed and painful, as if frozen.


Hands & feet. Very painful chilblains.Painful, inflamed, itchy, crusty, cracked. Greatly aggravated in cold weather. Person will be irritable.


Very good Chilblain remedy. Itchy, moist, burning, painful chilblains of feet with deep cracks. Hands with cutting / stinging pain. Skin thick, cracked and rough. Turning purple in colour. Very sensitive skin.


Bluish-red inflammation. Throbbing and very itchy. Itch worse after getting warm in bed. Feels hot to touch.


Dark colour with prickly itching and burning. Tingling sensation. Getting wet makes it worse.


Thick, red, cracked skin. Inflammation with oozing. Itch is worse for warmth; chilblains burn after being scratched.


Chilblains are large and extremely itchy. Very inflamed with deep cracks. Restless feet.

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