Natural Support during Vaccination

Natural Support during Vaccination

Parents often ask me if homeopathy can provide natural support during vaccination for their baby or child.

The easy answer is Yes – a protocol using homeopathy can boost the immunity and provide natural support during vaccination for your baby or child, or indeed yourself.

And this is how I approach it …

  1. BEFORE VACCINATION, a Constitutional Remedy should be taken at least two weeks before vaccination (if possible), and repeated weekly. If this is not possible, then a higher strength potency can be used prior to the vaccination. A ‘Constitutional’ remedy is one which matches a person overall and boosts the immune system response. This is found by gathering a person’s inherent and individual characteristics – physical, emotional and mental.
  2. THE DAY BEFORE, THE DAY OF, AND THE DAY AFTER VACCINATION – specific remedies should be taken to help reduce any adverse reactions happening. These are usually remedies including Silica, Thuja, Sulphur, sometimes a miasmatic nosode, or a potentised remedy made from the vaccine itself.
  3. AFTER VACCINATION, the Constitutional Remedy should be continued. The duration is dependent on a person’s general health and response.
  4. ONE MONTH AFTER VACCINATION, sometimes it is necessary to repeat a potentised remedy made from the vaccine itself. Again, this is case dependent.
  5. If there are any adverse reactions, HOMEOPATHIC DETOX may be required. More information on this HERE.

For me, this is the best protocol to use while vaccinating. It provides a great solution for natural support to the immune system.

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Homeopathic Detox can also be used for adverse effects from other substances – such as medications, environmental toxins, cigarettes. There are potentised remedies made from most of these substances and a specific protocol can be tailored for each individual case.