Natural Treatment for Nightmares

Natural Treatment for Nightmares

This post sets out the top homeopathic remedies for a natural treatment for Nightmares and Night Terrors.

These remedies can be used for Home Use. If they are recurrent, you should book a consultation with me to treat at a deeper level.

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Natural Treatment for Nightmares and Night Terrors


Anxious nightmares. Fearful, frightful dreams. Wake up feeling anxious. Around midnight.


Frightened to go to sleep in case of nightmares. Can’t remember details of the nightmares.


Nightmares terrifying. Wakes screaming. Dreams of falling, quarrels, robbers, fire. May be feverish, hot and flushed.

Calc Carb

Night terrors and nightmares. Dreams of monsters. Difficult to calm down.

Mag Mur

Nightmares of robbers. Wakes believing robbers are actually in the house. Cries out and talks in sleep.


Big remedy for NIGHTMARES – terrifying nightmares. Dreams of loved ones dying. Sleep disturbed by frequent dreams.


Very sensitive people. Vivid dreams. Nightmares of fires, bleeding, animals. May sleepwalk.


Frightful, disgusting dreams of animals, or falling. May cry during nightmare.


Anxious scary nightmares. Wakes up trembling in fear. Nightmares of murders, corpses, dead people. Dreams of being choked.


No. 1 remedy for NIGHT TERRORS. Wakes up screaming and terrified, doesn’t recognise anyone. Eyes are open and wild.

It is always worth trying some of these remedies as a natural treatment for nightmares and night terrors if you, or your child, suffer with them. These remedies can be sourced on any of the online homeopathic pharmacies.

If you try some of the above and they don’t help, then you need to book a consultation with me as there are numerous remedies to help with this. Usually there will be something else going on alongside which will lead to a better choice of remedy.

Hope this helps someone…. x