Natural Treatment for Molluscum

Natural Treatment for Molluscum

I’m not going to go into the details of Molloscum Contagiosum (Google can provide all that info). If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you are looking for Natural Treatment for Molluscum in your child.

This is something regularly treated by homeopaths. And something I am very often asked to treat.

Is homeopathy successful as a Natural Treatment for Molluscum?

Yes it is. But only if you take the ‘right’ remedy.

There are lots of homeopathic remedies which can be used as a Natural Treatment for Molluscum – such as Calc, Silica, Thuja. But there are much more than these too. It is important to realise that the “obvious” remedies aren’t always the best choice.

Finding the right and best remedy involves taking a full consultation and matching a remedy directly with an individual. This is often called ‘constitutional’ prescribing – finding the remedy which matches a person inherently – based on nature and nurture. But this remedy must have molluscum as part of its ‘remedy picture’.

Another possibility, and it really depends on each individual case, is to prescribe the Nosode made from Molluscum Contagiosum. This can be very beneficial in resolving some cases.

What happens when I use homeopathy as a Natural Treatment for Molluscum?

“Usually”… and I use this word loosely! “Usually”, what happens is a gradual disappearance of the molluscum. I’ve said usually the response is gradual, but sometimes this response can be quicker than that. Again, it depends on each individual and how their health is at that time. This timeframe varies for each individual.

Sometimes people expect alternative and complementary treatments to be magical and have overnight results. This is not the case. Our bodies must be allowed time to respond to a remedy and re-balance. But a positive response should start to happen quickly and this response then builds over time.

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