Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis and Homeopathy

Psoriasis is usually a long-term chronic problem. People often have it years and have tried lots of different treatments – various creams, both natural and prescription, dietary changes, treatments, lifestyle changes etc.

There is often an emotional strain too –

  • The embarrassment
  • The feeling different
  • The worry of what people might think
  • The hopelessness that I’m never going to get better
  • The impact on your life – relationships, job interviews, social outings

I totally understand and get this.

Homeopathy can offer a real solution for your long suffering Psoriasis. But I’m going to be honest here – there is no guarantee, especially if it is long-term. Psoriasis can be difficult to treat – but getting as much detailed information as possible can really help with the correct remedy selection.

It would be a good idea to book a FREE 15 min online chat to discuss your case.

If we can pinpoint exactly when it started and what was going on in your life at that time which might have triggered it, then the outcome is good. If not, then details details details are needed !

Taking your case involves getting the exact details of your skin – not just recording that you have “psoriasis” – I want to hear what it looks like, what is feels like, does is flake/ooze/bleed/itch like hell, where is it, what makes it worse, what helps it, when did it start, what colour is it, what shape is it, and lots more.

Then I want to know if anything else is going on – how is your digestion, your joints, any recurring problems like headaches, tonsillitis, how is your sleep, your bowel movements etc.

Homeopathic Remedies for Psoriasis

I’m listing out some of the top homeopathic remedies for Psoriasis here and giving their main indications. But I would strongly advise that you use skin remedies under guidance from a qualified homeopath.

Graphites – typically on the head and scalp, and behind the ears. Skin dry and rough and may ooze. Lots of itching.

Petroleum – really really dry skin. Deep, sore, bleeding cracks in skin. Slow to heal.

Arsenicum – burning itchy skin. Better for warmth. Raised red lesions with whitish scales.

Sulphur – big skin remedy. Really really itchy, especially when warm. Skin red and burning. Lesions can be infected or oozy.

Sepia – Usually itchless, but can have mild itching. Skin thickened and dry. Worse in winter.

Kali-Ars – Dry and scaly. Lots of small patches which are burning and itching.

Kali-Sulph – lots of flaking skin. Scales yellowish. Skin crusty and cracked. Itch worse from heat of bed.

There are SO many more remedies for this – it is such an individual complaint. The symptoms can be widely varied for each person.

Other remedies which can be included in the prescription are –

  • gut remedies
  • liver support remedies
  • miasmatic nosodes (deep acting remedies to deal with family traits)
  • bowel nosodes
  • tissue salts
  • HDT remedies to detox

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