No Sex Drive!

No sex drive

Can homeopathy help with ‘No Sex Drive’!

Ok, I’m probably talking more to women here, because I am a woman and I know what it is like to have ‘woman’ hormones.

And, as per usual, it always comes back to our hormones!! Particularly our sex drive and libido.

If you can get your hormones back in balance, then your Sex Drive will reappear. Halleluja ♥

Homeopathy can do this. (Can I say Halleluja again?!!).

Help! – No Sex Drive

When we are ‘out of balance’ or just not at our optimum health or wellbeing, our sex drive is one of the first things to go.

This is where our bodies are so intelligent. Save energy where it isn’t needed (well for survival purposes anyway!). Then the body can focus its energy where it is needed – trying to sort out whatever issues are impacting us at that particular time.

Lots of indications that your female sex hormones are out of sync:

  1. No Sex Drive!
  2. PMT & Mood Swings
  3. Can’t lose weight (see Weight Loss blog HERE)
  4. Irregular periods
  5. Painful periods, inconsistent flow
  6. Migraines around ovulation or periods
  7. Other symptoms around ovulation or periods
  8. Really tired around periods
  9. PCOS
  10. Haven’t felt quite right since having a baby
  11. Menopause symptoms unbearable
  12. You know yourself they are out of balance (don’t need anybody to tell you)
  13. Other issue having an impact, such as Postnatal Depression or Anxiety.
How can you get your Sex Drive or Mojo back?

Use Homeopathy to balance your hormones.

There are some great remedies which are very specific to hormones – such as Sepia, Sabina, Lachesis to name a few.

If there is something else impacting on your health and hormones, such as Anxiety or Depression, or Chronic Pain or anything else, then you need to have all issues treated together, as a whole (ie. holistic).

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