Panic Attacks

Do you suffer with Panic Attacks?

Can panic attacks be treated naturally?

Yes they can, with specific remedies tailored to you. Are they debilitating and impacting on your work and social life? My focus is to help you feel free and unburdened while enjoying your life.


Panic Attacks

I don’t know what started the panic attacks really but they kicked in a couple of years ago and would happen out of nowhere. The first one frightened me so much I didn’t know what was happening. I thought this is it, I’m dying here. Then they kept happening. The worst part for me was thinking that I was going to faint as my heart would literally be coming out of my chest. Everyday going to work I was terrified that I’d get one – what would everybody say or think? Will they think less of me? I was good at hiding them, or so I thought. I started to refuse social outings, again because I was so afraid I’d get one. I found it hard to admit to myself that I was struggling. I didn’t think anything was going to help but then I tried these remedies. There were a few remedies to take over a couple of months and I had one specifically to take if I felt a panic attack coming on. But now I haven’t had one in over six months. I still get bouts of worrying will they return but my confidence is growing again and I’ve started socialising again. Talking about it with Anne also helped me realise that I wasn’t as abnormal as I thought I was. I would definitely recommend her.

Panic Attack

What are the typical Panic Attack issues?

Intense feeling of fear, heart racing and palpitations, shaking and trembling, sweating, feeling faint or like you’re going to fall over, rapid breathing and fear that you can’t get enough oxygen, nausea, desire to run away, fear of dying, fear of making a fool of yourself or losing self-control.

The accompanying issues with Panic Attacks can be a fear and anticipation of it happening, feeling insecure and lacking confidence, thinking you’re going crazy, isolating yourself, social anxiety.

Panic Attacks & Anxiety
Worrying about panic attacks?

Don’t stay silent or suffer anymore, you are not alone. You don’t have to feel distressed or guilty about how you feel. Please contact me to see if I can help.

What remedies do I use?

Depending on the protocol best suited to you, I will use one or more from the following:

  • Homeopathic Remedies – there are hundreds of homeopathic remedies and each remedy has a unique ‘look and feel’ to it. Finding the best remedy for you involves matching your individual case characteristics to a particular remedy. This can be quite a task but I use my own protocols for deciding on the best treatment for you. Some cases require a combination of remedies or a sequence of remedies – it is a very individualised treatment plan.
  • Therapeutics – these are remedies which are specific to a particular part of your case.For example, you may have sleeping problems, or insomnia, even though you might feel exhausted. A therapeutic remedy would be given specifically for this problem, which I find works really effectively while allowing the other remedies to work. There is so much potential.
  • Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) – also know as Biochemic Salts. These are micro-doses of the essential minerals our bodies need to repair and maintain itself. There are 12 tissue salts which can be used on their own or in specific combinations to optimise health. They are very similar to the therapeutic remedies as they can be used to zone in on a particular problem. For example, the tissue salt Kali-phos is good for nervous tension.
  • Other – there are some other remedies that can be used in conjunction with the above such as nosodes, bowel nosodes, miasmatic nosodes which should only be prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

Do I have to come see you in person?

No. We work together via video call (Skype, Messenger etc).  There’s no travelling, parking or time restrictions (and no babysitting restrictions if you’re a parent). We can arrange a time which works best for you and your lifestyle. You can even be sitting in your PJs with a cup of coffee while we go through your case. Or you can be on your lunch-break from work.

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