Postnatal Depression Gone Within Weeks – Katy’s Story

Postnatal Depression

This is Katy’s story about Postnatal Depression after her second baby, and how she was successfully treated with homeopathic remedies and no antidepressants.

Here are her own words…

I am truly indebted to Anne for her help.

When I had my second child I was sooo happy to have had my baby but I didn’t know what hit me, I was an emotional wreck. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, felt really alone even though family visited often, and really sad and anxious. I knew I loved my baby and felt guilty for feeling so sad but couldn’t shake the deep sad feeling inside.

Even though I had everything perfect, a house, hubby and family help, I couldn’t shake the feeling of anxiety and sometimes despair. I think I cried every day for the first couple of months. I went to the doctor who prescribed antidepressants but I was breastfeeding and really didn’t want medical intervention. That’s when Anne stepped in (my sister recommended her) and thank god I followed her advice.

Anne spent well over an hour really listening to me then gave me remedies and followed up with calls and follow-up remedies. Honestly I felt like a new woman and haven’t looked back. Anne truly has a gift, I cannot recommend her enough. KM, Naas.

Postnatal Depression – Taking Katy’s case

When Katy first came, she looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She was visibly distressed.

She was feeling really sad and anxious. She had been ok after her first baby so was puzzled as to why it had happened this time. Her 2nd baby was now 6 months old and the postnatal depression had come on since the birth. She couldn’t stop crying “just feel so sad“, “feel desolate“, “nothing excites me“. It was coming up to Christmas time and usually she gets very excited but not this year.

She has extreme anxiety, particularly around the safety of the baby. Terrified to go out in the car in case something happens. She feels physically sick from anxiety. Before the baby, she was always out and about so this is a big change in her.

Katy is also finding it very hard to sleep at night. Lies in bed worrying about the “what ifs” and can’t switch off her mind. She lies in bed listening to the baby breathing terrified that he will stop breathing.

She describes herself as a very optimistic and positive person normally. This has been taken from her “like a light has gone off and I don’t know where the switch is“.

Postnatal Depression
Postnatal Depression can be treated with homeopathy

Treating Postnatal Depression Naturally with Homeopathy

There are a number of homeopathic remedies for Postnatal Depression, one of the main ones is SEPIA. Katy was presenting with pretty much text-book Sepia symptoms (she even had some of the physical symptoms).

Sepia is a one of the most important female, hormonal remedies and is one of the remedies I have in my Childbirth Pack. You can read more about the Childbirth Pack here.

She was also given a combination of Tissue Salts as matched her particular symptoms.

Successful Treatment of Postnatal Depression

Katy is someone I will always remember for one thing. When she came back after 4 weeks on the remedy, I went into the reception to call her through, and ended up walking straight past her as I didn’t recognise her at all!! This was a very different Katy, she didn’t even need to say the words that she was doing well. I could visibly see it. She was sitting up straight, full of life, vibrant, smiling, back to her usual glowing self. She said she was a LOT better but there was still traces of it here and there.

Katy stayed on Sepia for a couple of months, with the strength (potency) being increased weekly, until she didn’t need it anymore.

She went on to have a 3rd child a number of years later and her Postnatal Depression reappeared, but not to the same extent as before.

This time she was given Cimicfuga, another great female hormonal remedy, followed by Pulsatilla. Again, she responded really well to homeopathy.

Katy continues to do very well ….

Treating Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression is something I have lots of experience in treating. I started off my career working in the Fairgreen Holistic Centre and am now in Studio 3 Naas Yoga Centre, both centres running lots of pregnancy yoga classes and mums and babies classes; so I meet and treat new mums all the time.

You can read more on my approach to Postnatal Depression here.

If you would like to be treated for Postnatal Depression using homeopathy, I work online via Skype or Messenger, or you can visit me in my clinic in Naas, Co. Kildare.

I also offer a FREE 15 min Skype chat to discuss your case before you book a full consultation. To book a Skype consultation (or a FREE 15 min chat), please use my online calendar here:

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