Postnatal Exhaustion & Lack of Motivation

postnatal exhaustion

Do you have postnatal exhaustion, tiredness, depression, lack of motivation, or just not feeling yourself?

Postnatal exhaustion and tiredness?


Lack of motivation?

Struggling to lose weight?

Or just not feeling yourself?

These are all really common complaints to have. If you have them, rest assured you are not alone.

If you are struggling to get back to yourself after having a baby, or even if your children are older but you’re still feeling the same way, then your hormones could be out of sync.

Lots of remedies to help with this, one of which is Sepia, but there are lots more to consider.

Postnatal Remedies

People get caught up with Sepia being the only remedy for this but that is not the case. Other remedies can include Cimicfuga, Aurum, Lachesis, PsorinumThuja, Anacardium – I could go on and on here. It really depends on what exactly is going on with you.

If you are exhausted, fed up, lacking motivation, feeling sluggish, struggling to lose weight, then homeopathy can help.

There are remedies to help all of this, including:

  • remedies to detox
  • liver support remedies
  • gut remedies
  • hormonal remedies
  • tissue salts
  • constitutional remedies
  • miasmatic remedies

– so many options – and sometimes a combination of two or more of the above can be used. Homeopathy is very individual and remedy prescriptions are based on a case-by-case basis.

Working with me involves getting a full case history and timeline along with your exact symptoms of what you are struggling with now, at this moment in time. Then I do a full analysis on this information and come up with a treatment plan and prescription for you. This prescription usually involves one or more remedies to focus on your own individual symptoms.

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