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Is Homeopathy safe to use when Pregnant?

This is one of my specialities and real passions. Homeopathy is definitely safe to use while pregnant. This is a time in a woman’s life where we tend to really take care of ourselves and seek out a more natural and holistic approach to ourselves and our health care.

Some of the most common conditions during pregnancy respond particularly well to homeopathy (constipation, nausea, morning sickness, skin rashes, piles, fears and anxieties, restless legs etc).

I also have a particular interest in treating Hyperemesis. You can read more on Hyperemesis HERE.

Can I use Homeopathy during Childbirth and Labour?

There are some great remedies to use during Childbirth and Labour and you can read more on my Childbirth Pack HERE. This pack includes remedies for

  • anxiety, fear, emotions
  • stabilising and stimulating contractions
  • pain control
  • after-birth healing
  • breast-feeding issues

Is Homeopathy safe to use on my newborn Baby

Homeopathy can be used at all ages, even newborns. The main benefit, of course, is using remedies which are safe and natural with no side-effects or toxicity. Parents like that!

I regularly treat babies for colic, reflux, sleep issues, eczema, constipation, crying, teething etc.

Homeopathy is also successful for acute complaints such as coughs, flu, tummy bugs, ear infections, tonsillitis.

I have listed some of the main ‘acute’ complaints here on my website which you can use at home. See the dropdown menu above Home Use.

The Postnatal period – can I treat myself?

Whether it is period problems, breastfeeding issues, hormones and mood swings, exhaustion, homeopathy can help.

It is also safe to use while you’re breastfeeding.

For more information on Postnatal Depression, read HERE.

What about using Homeopathy for children and teenagers?

Yes you can continue to use homeopathy as your children grow and develop. Different remedies are often needed at different stages in childhood and puberty. You can find more information on the dropdown menu Children on my website.

Some Teenagers find puberty a particularly difficult stage of life and can suffer with anxiety, mood swings, acne, period problems, shyness, fatigue.

You can read more on Anxiety and Depression in Teenagers HERE.

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