Pulsatilla – The Homeopathic Remedy ♥

If you’ve kids of any age, a must-have remedy is Pulsatilla.

It covers lots of physical stuff like colds, flu, ear infections, conjunctivitis and much more.

But the ESSENCE of Pulsatilla is so easy to spot.

Clingy and whinging!

So if you’ve a kid who is displaying these 2 traits, no matter what the complaint, it’s well worth considering Pulsatilla. Sometimes it can be given alongside another remedy.

Adults also display these traits, although slightly differently –

 Do NOT want to be alone and Crying a lot!

The other indications for Pulsatilla are –

Thirstless, and

Feel much better for fresh air

Colds & Flu

Thick yellow-green bland discharge. Symptoms feel worse in the evening or indoors but better from fresh air. A cough may develop. Tearful, clingy and feeling sorry for themselves. Whiny. Thirstless.

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One of the first remedies for Conjunctivitis. Eyes sore, aching, itchy and red. Discharge thick and yellow (Important – does NOT burn the outer skin). Eyelids glued together.

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Dry cough with yellow/green mucous. Worse in evening, morning, lying down. Cough may be loose in morning. Must sit up to cough. Worse for stuffy warm rooms and better for fresh air. Thirstless. May retch from cough. Tearful and clingy.

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Ear Infection

Ear Infection without the very high fever of Belladonna. Darting pulsating pain. Worse at night and for heat. “Glue ear”. Hearing reduced. Better for fresh air. Weepy and clingy. Doesn’t want to be alone.

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Itching watery eyes, better for cold applications. Worse for heat (sun, warm drinks/food). Discharge from nose watery, might turn yellow/greenish. Needs fresh air to feel better.

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Throbbing, changeable headache. Nervous headache. Headache when tummy is over-full with food. Worse for blowing nose, lying down or stooping. Headache better for fresh air. Self-pitying and weepy.

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Sore Throat

Throat dry. Larynx irritated, tickling, feels rough and raw from coughing. Better for fresh air. Weepy and clingy. Doesn’t want to be alone.

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Prone to Styes. Get them mostly on upper eyelids.

Tummy Bugs

Stools greenish-yellow, slimy, watery. Stools changeable. Nausea and vomiting, nausea relieved by vomiting. Very clingy and whingy. Person feels very sorry for themselves. Better for fresh air.

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