Natural Remedies for Reflux in Babies


I am asked sooooooo many times about treating Reflux in Babies with homeopathy and natural remedies.

A lot of the time Reflux needs to be treated with professional and dedicated care. That is where I come in – experience and knowledge without being too attached (If you’re the parent of a Baby with Reflux, then you are probably wrecked tired and feel this will never end).

But I’m listing out some of the best remedies you can try for home prescribing purposes first. If these don’t work, or you are unsure, please book a consultation with me.

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Reflux Remedies

Here are the top Reflux Remedies and their strong indications. If none of these match, or the ones you have chosen are not working, then please please please book a consultation with me. There are much more options than I’ve listed here – loads more remedies, loads more potencies, individual prescription of combination remedies, and much more.

For remedies on treating Colic, please see my webpage on this.


Vomiting with reflux. Projectile vomiting of curdled milk. Frothy vomit.


This is a great remedy for all stomach problems. Reflux with extreme pain. Reflux with lots of smelly burps. Can vomit too, particularly when stomach becomes full.


Comes on about 20-40 mins after feed. Lots of rancid burps – baby will start to relax once they release the wind. Abdomen very bloated. Baby will be pulling legs & knees up towards abdomen. Worse when lying down. Colic and trapped wind. Abdomen area very tender.


Vomits regurgitated feed. Burps up liquid. Hiccoughs. Lots of flatulence but doesn’t feel better for releasing this. Usually worse night-time. Fruit aggravates.


Lots of gurgling and rumbling in abdomen which doesn’t escape easily. Burps don’t come the whole way up. Hiccoughs. Hungry during the night.  Bloated abdomen. Lots of loud flatulence. Great remedy for digestive complaints.


Baby continually feeds. Worse for milk which causes pain and sour frothy diarrhoea. Stool may contain undigested milk. Sour burps. Baby will draw up knees and legs to abdomen for relief.


Moans with pain. Vomits and splutters up wind and coughs. Stomach contents gulp up and recede down again.

This is one of the ‘acid’ remedies so being homeopathic (similar treats similar) this is a good option.


You will read about this remedy on lots of websites but it is often not the answer. That is why you need to look at the other remedies mentioned here, or book a consultation to avail of professional treatment.

Nat-phos can be good for neutralising acid stomach. Burps are sour.

Nux Vomica

Baby irritable with colicky type pains and arching back trying to get some relief. If mum is breastfeeding, she may have over-indulged in coffee, chocolate, alcohol or other stimulants. Abdomen very sensitive to touch. Retching and vomiting.


Another one of the ‘acid’ remedies. Gulps feed at increased rate. Sour burps and vomits. Better for heat of hand placed on abdomen. Vomits mucous. Constant crying.

The remedies listed here are a good start for home prescribing purposes. For more information and lots of free advice, please join my interactive facebook group HERE. This group is invaluable to any parents wishing to treat their family with homeopathy.