Sinus Problems – Give Homeopathy a Go!

Sinus Problems

Getting nowhere with conventional treatments for your Sinus Problems?

Do you keep getting Sinusitis or Sinus Problems again and again?

You should think about giving homeopathy a go. Here’s why –

  • There are remedies very specific for chronic and recurring sinusitis, sinus infections, general sinus irritation, pain and congestion, chronic feeling of nose being blocked – these remedies include:
    • Kali-bich
    • Silica
    • Causticum
    • Pulsatilla
    • Merc-Viv
    • Thuja etc
  • You can use acute homeopathic remedies when you have a bout of Sinusitis – such as:
    • Allium Cepa
    • Kali-bich
    • Merc-Viv
    • Hepar-sulph
    • Hydrastis
    • Kali-Sulph
    • Sulphur etc
  • You can use remedies for headaches associated with your sinus – including:
    • Belladonna
    • Cinnabaris
    • Euphrasia
    • Hydrastis
    • Spigelia etc
  • You can use constitutional remedies to Stop your tendency and predisposition to suffering with Sinus Problems and boost your immunity
  • You can use Homeopathic Detox for any triggers which sets it off

There are so many possibilities to help you. You can try some of the above remedies acutely to see if they help when you have an episode.

Stop It with Homeopathy!

Or you could go deeper and deal with this tendency and predisposition – ie. put a stop to it. This involves a full consultation with me where we will take details of exactly what is going on and go back through your history and get a detailed timeline of when it started etc, find out what your triggers are (stress, run down, tired, common cold turns into sinusitis every time etc), what else is going on.

If you have a consultation with me, we can go through every eventuality and I will prescribe remedies which you can have at hand to deal with all your typical issues – headaches, sinus infections etc – while at the same time prescribing you remedies which will reduce your tendency and strengthen your immunity to this.

If you would like to book a FREE 15 min online chat, or book a full consultation, please visit my online calendar here. I also offer Acute Consultations online for when you are experiencing a full-on episode.