Sleepless Baby No More!

Crying Baby

Do you have a Sleepless Baby?

  • Do you have a Sleepless Baby or is your baby crying during the night?
  • Is your sleepless baby keeping you awake for no apparent reason?
  • Is there any way of helping?
  • Do we have to wait till baby ‘grows out’ of it?
  • Is there anything ‘Natural’ we can give to help our Sleepless Baby?

These are valid questions for a lot of parents with a Sleepless Baby.

And the answer is that YES THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE!

Sleepless Baby
Let’s get your Sleepless Baby sleeping x

Is there anything causing your Sleepless Baby to wake, or not sleep through the night?

The obvious reasons are:

  • Colic or Pain
  • Reflux
  • Teething
  • Sickly – cold, cough, flu, tonsillitis, ear infection, etc
  • Eczema – itch is driving them mad

All of these can be treated with homeopathy – a completely natural, safe medicine.

There are lots of remedies for treating Colic, such as Colocynthis or Mag-Phos. Also ones for reflux such as Nux Vomica.

Chamomilla is regularly used for Teething.

If a child is sickly with a Cold, Cough, Flu, Tonsillitis, Ear Infection etc. then there are so many options using homeopathy to treat all of the above.

I have lots of remedies for all these acute illnesses listed on my website under Home Use. See the dropdown menu above.

Otherwise, you could book in for an Acute Consultation with me online where I will analyse and advise (and supply) on best remedies. Information on prices etc HERE.

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Eczema needs to treated with a Full Consultation. There are many treatment plans for Eczema and Skin complaints. The cost of a Full Consultation for a Baby/Child is €70 for 1st consultation. For more information on how I treat Eczema, see HERE.

Then of course there are the not-so obvious causes for Sleepless Baby.

These could be Nightmares, Fears, Clinginess to Mum/Dad, Habit, Traumatic Birth, or dare I say – no reason whatsoever! When I’m taking a baby or young child’s case, I always ask about the Mum’s pregnancy and childbirth. And will want detailed info.

How was pregnancy? Any trauma or frights? How long was labour? Did baby get stuck at all? Was baby born naturally or c-section? Forceps? How was baby immediately after birth? And how has he/she progressed since? Was she/he always a Sleepless Baby? Or, if she/he used to sleep but then stopped, did something happen beforehand? Is there a trigger? And lots lots more questions!

If we can come up with a reason, then I can help.

If there is no reason whatsoever, then I can still help. At that stage, it will come down to the times and patterns of baby waking. Most remedies have associated times – time aggravations. This alone leads to a good remedy in most cases.

I have treated countless cases where Mum and Dad are desperately flagging with tiredness because of their Sleepless Baby. And I should be able to help yours too.

Why not book in for the FREE 15 min Skype chat to discuss whether I can help or not. There is no obligation with this chat. You can book this here

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